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About Isuzu

Isuzu Motors Ltd is a renowned automobile company which manufactures diesel and commercial vehicles. Headquartered in Tokyo, the prime business of this company is to produce, sale or market various diesel and commercial vehicles across the world. Isuzu has numerous subsidiaries like Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia, Anadolu Isuzu, Isuzu UK, and Isuzu Philippines, Isuzu South Africa, Isuzu Malaysia, Isuzu Vietnam and many more. In 1916, this company was established by Tokyo Gas Company. This company has manufacturing and assembly unit in Fujisawa, Hokkaido and Tochigi. The vehicles of this brand are being sold worldwide. It has manufactured more than 21 million engines by 2009 which can easily be seen in different vehicles around the world. Basically, diesel engines produced by Isuzu are utilized by renowned auto giants Renault Nissan Alliance and General Motors.


Various Products Of Isuzu Motors:
In countries of Africa and Asia, the Isuzu products are in great demand. The company is famous for its all sized truck range.  At the time, when all small vehicles’ sales of Isuzu plunged radically, the company had to fall all compact cars and sedan sales. It happened in the late 90s. Before that period, Isuzu was in sale of passenger cars in which they were very famous to focus on diesel based engines. In 1983, diesel engines represented 63.4 percent share in overall production of passenger cars. Due to less sales in US, Isuzu abandoned that place. Since, the time Isuzu emerged, it was known as manufacturer of all small size to medium size automobile products; however, with time, it had learnt that every country has different requirements.

Position Of Isuzu In Indian Auto Market:
In automotive segment in India, Isuzu holds a strong position since year 2006. This was the time, when this Japanese auto giant signed an agreement with Swaraj Mazda to produce various commercial vehicles. Later on, Swaraj was undertaken by another Indian automotive company namely Mahindra & Mahindra. Since then, Isuzu is famous for its powerful and smart commercial vehicles which are being sold in India. As of now, company is trying to expand its niche and making a clear path for it in this faster growing auto market. MU-7 SUV and D-Max Pick Up Truck are two Isuzu products which have been launched by the company recently in India.

Isuzu Car Existing Models:
Currently, Indian buyers are offered with some attractive models produced by Isuzu. These Isuzu models include Isuzu MU 7 4x2 BS III which has a diesel engine of 2999 cc and is priced at 19, 69,000 INR. This car offers 10.3 kmpl of mileage. Additionally, Isuzu MU 7 4x2, Isuzu MU 7 4x2 HI Pack BS III and Isuzu MU 7 4x2 HI Pack are other series of Isuzu car which are available in the market.


For details, visit Isuzu's official website.