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How is the resale value of Isuzu MU 7?

By: Anu on 15 may 2014

2 Answers:

Isuzu MU 7 is still newly launched in India and hence you can see very few of them onroad. The resale value of any car depends upon the so many factors including performance, utility, styling, brand value, usage done, present condition of the car and so on. As it is still new in market, it is difficult to predict the actual resale value. Some of the factors like a failure in impressing customer could mean drastic reduction in resale value like that of with earlier Fiat cars like Palio. Which were though fantastic in performance, resale value was drastically reduced due to service center issues. MU 7 being a advanced SUV with proven performance would surely get a good resale value too.

Sonal Gupta    2014-05-15

Isuzu is a japanese brand and a newcomer in India. Therefore, it is not as reliable for indian customers as some other established brands; plus, service centers are not providing acceptable service as well. That’s why, the resale value of Isuzu MU 7 is not that great. Resale value of any product doesn't solely depend on brand name, instead performance, features, design, and fuel economy are equally important and responsible. High cost of ownership & maintenance is also a negative point of Isuzu MU 7, but for it's luxurious interior and powerful performance anyone who is not brand conscious, can pay a decent price to own this SUV.

Naman   2014-07-23

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