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About Jaguar

Originally known as the Swallow Sidecar Company, the brand Jaguar had rather humble beginnings in 1922 when it was headquartered in the North-West coastal town of Blackpool. This original company was founded by the William brothers – William Walmsley and William Lyons. The company soon began to be referred to as the SS Cars Ltd. and the business moved to Coventry. As the Second World War spread, SS Cars Ltd. began losing its popularity and in 1945, the company was re-formed as Jaguar Cars Ltd.


As SS Cars became Jaguar Cars, there were some revolutionary changes in the kind of cars manufactured by the company. Luxury took a priority and during the 50’s, Jaguar made its mark as one of the premium luxury cars manufacturers in the world. Then began a series of acquisitions and mergers that were an instrument in giving Jaguar its true global status.


In 1960, Jaguar bought Daimler Motor Company. Jaguar then merged with British Motor Company in 1966, leading to the formation of British Motor Holdings. The newly formed British Motor Holdings again went for a merger two years later with Leyland. This led to the formation of British Leyland Motor Corporation. However, this new merger caused the company heavy financial losses, which paved the way for Jaguar to go public by getting listed on the stock exchange.


Ford purchased Jaguar in 1999 but soon wanted to re-sell its Jaguar and Land Rover divisions. With many big names in the industry willing to purchase a stake in Jaguar, there were a lot of decisions to make and aspects to consider. Tata Motors India finally took over Jaguar in the late 90’s.


Jaguar Car Photos


The Jaguar cars have been the pride of England for years and are considered to be one of the most luxurious cars ever. Take a look at any Jaguar car new model and the only thing that you are going to talk about is the sophistication in the design, attention to details and the sheer brilliance combined all together. The Jaguar car images will give you a closer look at the aura of these cars, that were once not too popular. The small 2.5-litre engines in the 50’s models were not much appreciated; however, the Jaguar car features were soon re-looked at and today, the Jaguar car top model is considered to be one of the most expensive yet much-in-demand luxury vehicles in the world.


If you are looking to buy a Jaguar race car or a Jaguar SUV car or just about any Jaguar car, it can be a good idea to start with looking at Jaguar car pictures to choose your favourite Jaguar car photo and book your test drive.


The Jaguar car pics are easily available by most online car dealers and this will help you look at the Jaguar car interior right from the comfort of your home. Here is a quick look at some of the most preferred Jaguar car models.


Jaguar XE | Jaguar XF | Jaguar F-Pace | Jaguar F-Type | Jaguar XJ | Upcoming Jaguar Cars


Jaguar Cars - FAQs


1. How much does a Jaguar car cost in India?

The Jaguar car price in India is undoubtedly high when compared to other cars that are manufactured by Indian automobile manufacturers. That being said, the fact remains that for a car like Jaguar, customers wouldn’t mind going that extra bit. However, you can still get a Jaguar in India within your budget. The Jaguar lowest price in India is INR 39.73 Lakhs for Jaguar XE.


2. Which is the most expensive Jaguar car in India?

The Jaguar F Type is the most expensive Jaguar car in India with the top variant priced at INR 2.80 Crores. While the Jaguar car starting price is around INR 40 Lakhs, the Jaguar highest price car has its own unique features that make this huge money worth the premium. The Jaguar sports car price in India is also high and is often disclosed on request.


3. Where are Jaguar cars built?

In 2008, Ford sold Jaguar to Tata Motors along with Land Rover. The brand Jaguar is now owned by the merged company Jaguar Land Rover Group. At present, the cars are manufactured in Castle Bromwich, Brimingham.


4. How many Jaguar cars are manufactured each year?

In 2016, Jaguar sold a record 583,313 cars and is aiming at soon reaching 1 million cars a year.


5. How often should you get your Jaguar car serviced?

Jaguar Cars gives its recommendations regarding service checks in the handbook. The car is expected to be regularly checked and serviced on completion of a certain number of kilometres driven or based on the number of years to its manufacture, whichever comes first. You can book the services by fixing an appointment with your local retailer.


6. Are Jaguar cars easy to maintain?

Jaguar cars are premium cars. They are expensive and high on maintenance. The car needs regular checks and service to keep it at its best, and the maintenance cost is high.


7. Are Jaguar cars easy to repair?

As the production of Jaguar cars is not on a large scale, the repair costs involved are quite high. Also, it is not easy to find spare parts of the cars if major repairs are required and the parts need to be replaced.


8. Where are Jaguar’s headquarters?

Before the company was sold by Ford in 2008, the headquarters of Jaguar were at Blackpool and later moved to Coventry. After the formation of the merged company, the Jaguar Land Rover Group, the headquarters of Jaguar brand have moved to Castle Bromwich, Brimingham.


9. What kind of tyres work best with the Jaguar cars?

Jaguar Cars is a manufacturer of luxury and sports cars. The company uses high-horsepower engines. This requires the use of tyres that are in the range of 16 to 21 inches. The Dunlop and Michelin Pilot Primacy tyres are often recommended to be used with these cars.


10. Which is the most popular Jaguar car?

A: The Jaguar E-Type or the Jaguar XE-E is one of the most popular models of Jaguar Cars. It is a perfect combination of beauty, high performance and competitive pricing.