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Jaguar F-Type Power windows

Jaguar F-Type

The Jaguar F-Type Power windows feature is available in 2.0L Convertible, 2.0L Coupe, 3.0 Coupe (ST1 340 PS)

Jaguar F type, the coupe with an exquisite design and superb performance, comes with front power windows with 2 one-touch feature. This feature allows the windows of this car to be closed fully without having to hold the switch.

These power windows also come loaded with anti-pinch and auto-down features for maximum convenience of the passengers. When compared to other coupes, Jaguar F-Type is not the best in terms of power windows feature. Porsche 911 too sports power windows that come with both anti-pinch feature and auto-down feature across all of its variants. Aston Martin DBS also comes with all power windows that have anti-pinch as well as auto down feature. Talking of another of Jaguar F-Type’s competitor, BMW 4-series offers all door power windows in just one of its variant while the rest of the variants come with just front power windows. It too offers anti-pinch and auto down feature on all the windows. 

Jaguar F-Type Variants with Power windows

The variants of Jaguar F-Type that offer power windows as standard include 2.0L Convertible, 2.0L Coupe, 3.0 Coupe (ST1 340 PS), 3.0 Coupe (ST2 380 PS), 5.0 Coupe R (ST4 550 PS), S 3.0 V6, S 5.0 V8, SVR Convertible, SVR Coupe.

  • Variant
  • Power windows
  • 2.0L Convertible
  • Yes
  • 2.0L Coupe
  • Yes
  • 3.0 Coupe (ST1 340 PS)
  • Yes
  • 3.0 Coupe (ST2 380 PS)
  • Yes
  • 5.0 Coupe R (ST4 550 PS)
  • Yes
  • S 3.0 V6
  • Yes
  • S 5.0 V8
  • Yes
  • SVR Convertible
  • Yes
  • SVR Coupe
  • Yes

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