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Jaguar XF Reviews

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31 Jaguar XF User Reviews

Amazing Car

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Sahid on 9 june 2016
Jaguar XF is a very good car. Jaguar XF is among the best car that i drove so far. I don't know what magic Jaguar engineers did with the engine powering this wonderful beast "Jaguar XF", the car seems to be almost flying around. The engine gives an instant response to driver’s commands. The looks...  Read More »

Rich British heritage

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Kabir on 9 june 2016
I do not own a Jaguar XF but has a friend of mine who drives one and can definitely say that it is one of the best looking car in India. The Jaguar brand in itself is a big thing and nobody cares about Audis and Mercedes any more. But when a Jaguar goes, everyone gives a second look. The car is b...  Read More »

Wow car

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Neeraj Natrajan on 17 november 2015
I bought this car keeping in mind that I want it for the looks only and that the economy of the car does not matter. But still I expected a little bit of it. I feel I will spend a fortune on this car if I ever go on a long drive again.  Read More »

Performance is superb

Overall rating: 3.00 Reviewed By: Vinay on 28 october 2015
Suman is right, the car looks glamorous. You have other reasons to be happy, for there is the keyless entry feature, and there are lots of safety features like the front and rear camera, parking aid, 7 inch full color touchscreen, remote control central locking and many more.  Read More »

Expensive but excellent car

Overall rating: 3.00 Reviewed By: Suman on 27 october 2015
The absence of the sun roof is a great problem for me, as the temperature is hot. The car is otherwise sleek and looks elegant. The car has a heavy duty chrome, and a radiator grille, and looks glamorous. The LED day time running lights, and the headlamp cluster and turn indicators make the car i...  Read More »

Best car

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: Ramesh on 26 october 2015
The car has a low ground clearance, which I find to be the only trouble as of now. You will not be able to take a sharp turn because of this. Also, the authorized service stations are not many. Apart from these you have everything else to be happy about when you own this car.  Read More »

Best combination of performance and luxury

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: Mansavi on 19 september 2015
The XF has been launched with three versions of engine Petrol 2.0L, Diesel 2.2L & Diesel 3.0L. The performance of all the engine is different from one another eg., torque is 340, 45 & 600 the power (kw) is 177, 140 & 202. The capacity is 1999cc, 2179cc, 2993cc but the mileage is 10.8pl, 16.36pl &...  Read More »

What Matters is all in Hands

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: Dhanpat on 17 september 2015
The Jaguar has been designed with all the support and luxury system which can be controled easily through multimedia support system and multi used steering wheel. The From the gearing system to phone calls to voice control are just hands away. The unique dashboard prepared by pure leather support...  Read More »

Best of Jaquar

Overall rating: 3.00 Reviewed By: Manish on 15 september 2015
Keeping aside the big names like Merc, Audi, BMW, Jgar has come up in different style. The XF is basically nothing but rare combination of Power and fantasy which jaguar group has brought successfully. The car is well designed with easy comfort for the each passenger in the vehicle maing every mo...  Read More »

Service network is less

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: Santosh Tiwari on 10 august 2015
Completely agree with Aman review, the car has low ground clearance and for this it makes the problem to take sharp turn or on rough area and it has authorized service stations needs to boost up. Interior Features are offered like mood lighting, seven-inch touch-screen display and Jaguar Smart Ke...  Read More »
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