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Jeep Compass Limited Plus Launched at Rs 21.07 Lakhs

Mayank Gupta, 20-09-2018

Jeep Compass Limited Plus carries eight additional features and is available in both...

Jeep Compass Black Pack Limited Edition Price Starts at Rs 20.31 Lakhs

Autoportal Team, 18-09-2018

The Jeep Compass Special Edition will be based on the Limited (O) variant.

Jeep Compass Limited Plus India launch in October

Davender Soni, 07-09-2018

Jeep India is planning to add new variants to its Compass range, to get a hold on Ind...

Jeep Compass Black Pack India Launch Soon

Autoportal Team, 03-09-2018

The Jeep Black Pack version will get cosmetic changes only.

Jeep Compass Gets a 25,000 Square Feet Billboard on Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Mayank Gupta, 18-07-2018

The Jeep Compass billboard is equivalent to thirty billboards with width of 253 feet...

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Jeep India Cars

Jeep is essentially an American automotive brand producing sports utility vehicles and luxury vehicles. However, in India and almost everywhere in the world, the term “jeep” is used generically for a four-wheel drive vehicle resembling the typical body of the Jeep car. Indian jeeps are not very different from the usual Jeep cars, for the company has its products in India as well. In fact, below you will discover a few of the vehicles from the company along with the Jeep India price list.

Jeep in India

If you are looking for Jeep models in India, you might not have a lot of options but the Jeep car prices are reasonable enough and it is one of your best shots if you like the sports vehicle of this sort. Moreover, there are the latest Jeep models with highest safety and other top-notch features installed, such as integrated voice command, dual node electric horns and electronic vehicle information. Jeep cars in India give a truly resilient and timeless look, depicting the durable vehicle they are. Coming to the interior of the Jeeps in India, it’s utterly beautiful and captivating, along with being super comfortable. Consider the leather-trimmed bucket seats and leather-wrapped steering wheels of the Grand Cherokee – oh, so good!

Why buy Jeep?

Before we get more into the exemplary driving experience that Jeeps in India have to offer you, let’s see why you would want to buy a Jeep car in India after all. We have already looked at a few of the reasons earlier. There is more the automotive offers us!

  1. The slick removable door feature in the Wrangler! Yes, you read it right. Jeep’s latest models of Wrangler have a feature that allows you to detach the doors and drive. It is relatively smaller as well, making it a perfect SUV to take for a trail ride.

  2. The simplicity of Jeep models is why you would want to own one. It means that the repairs are rather hassle-free and the parts are readily available, allowing you to look after it efficiently. It further implies that with compatible Jeep prices in India, the maintenance cost serves as another alluring feature.

  3. How can one forget the 4x4 capability it holds! The four-wheel drive ensures you have a smooth and sturdy ride on and off road. Regardless of the weather and road conditions, you will experience the Jeep ride at its best.

  4. If you want a car that is easy to park, Jeep cars are indeed a perfect choice. They have a short wheelbase and tight turning ratios, which allow them to parallel park rather effortlessly.

It’s not all about the technicalities of the Indian Jeeps!

Surely, Jeep India has brought its best to the country in terms of technical pressure points. However, what is more appealing about Jeep is the name itself! This automobile sounds legendary and so it is. For anyone who likes a good, adventurous drive, buying Jeep in India holds emotional value as well. Then, what is there to not love about a car you can customize! Customized cars mean altering your favourite car to fix your likings better and Jeeps in India allow you to do that.

If you have not seen an Indian jeep before, you might want to look at the images of Jeep in general and then search for Jeep cars in India 2017 or any other year for that matter. Whatever Jeep you look for, rest assured that paired with fitting Jeep prices in India. Jeep car in India will offer you a driving experience like none other. India has few of the latest Jeep models and if you are a Jeep lover, you would not want to miss out on having one of them!