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Lamborghini Gallardo Reviews (5)

i love u lamborgini

Overall rating: 5 Reviewed By: Aravinda on 28 August 2014
i love lamborgini cars especially the recent one which was in spice magzine . i love u lamborgini ...But it could have better fuel mileage  Read More »

beauty par imagination

Overall rating: 5 Reviewed By: Naveen on 30 August 2014
Exterior It is too much good looking that I have ever imagined. I like its headlights and its back look is lloks good in every colors but I want to purschase it in black color, its side look is simple which is good.looks great especially in black color. It is also amazing with so much features,but...  Read More »

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Lamborghini Gallardo Overview

Lamborghini Gallardo is a legendary premium super car and is genuinely designed under the ownership of Audi. Sant’Agata had manufactured this unique car. The Gallardo was marked as more useable and affordable sports car than other legendary model namely V12s. Since, the 1988, V12s had not done anything good.
Then, Sant’Agata brought up this Gallardo which is a serious super sports car carrying a variety of super features. From the arrival, Lamborghini Gallardo faced a competition with rival models like Porsche 911 Turbo and the 360 Modena.
Current range of Gallardo is LP560 – 4 which is a scream proof and live model of Lamborghini and features cleanest, ecological and affordable quality.

Lamborghini Gallardo Exterior

In terms of exterior, Gallardo has no match. The design of this car is seriously exotic. It features beautiful exterior with fragrances of advancement. In this car, the utilized chassis is a combination of castings, extrusions and alloy stampings which help keeping the weight down. The opening doors are made of steel and have no scissors in it.

In the exterior, the panels are formed by thermoplastic. Most of the components of Gallardo are made of carbon-fibre that encourage light weight. Moreover, it has side windows and rear of polycarbonate and has light wheels of 19 inches.

Lamborghini Gallardo Interior

The Lamborghini Gallardo is designed with amazing interior that makes a journey joyful. It has low-slung position for driving and steep windscreen.

The inside cabin is made of carbon fibre and decorated in leather. The car is styled in solid material that increases the age of this car. It is built with classic cues which showcases genuine quality, a great trim level and brilliant ergonomic clarity. The best thing of Gallardo interior is its distinguishing switchgear, beautiful sat-nav technology and air-con capacity.

Lamborghini Gallardo Engine & Transmission

The Gallardo is powered by a classic V10 engine. This engine thumps out great power and torque. The engine produces 552 bhp maximum power and 398 lb ft peak torque. The best part of this engine is its low weight.

Featuring 1410 kg, this model is very light 4WD supercar. The engine has all features that blow the mind. In just 3.7 seconds, it reaches the speed of 60 mph and in 7.7 seconds, it gets 100 mph speed. The engine is mated with advanced transmission that smoothens up the acceleration of this car.

Lamborghini Gallardo Mileage

The Lamborghini Gallardo is very expensive car as it costs high running price. This car offers 8mpg fuel efficiency which is certainly not a good mileage. However, this car is 18% cleaner than the predecessors of this car. It offers 327 g/km CO2 emissions. Overall, mileage of this car is ok, if not too impressive.

Lamborghini Gallardo Braking and Safety

The Lamborghini Gallardo features quality braking and safety aspects that encourage a safe and confident ride on this car. The braking features include anti-lock braking system that automatically senses during extreme braking time and also modulates the pressure of the brake. Other features include stability control, front-impact airbags, side impact airbags and pretensioners. These features encourage superior braking and safety to users. The pretensioners of this car make the seatbelts tight automatically and get the occupant to an optimal seating position.

Lamborghini Gallardo Performance and Handling

This car has brilliant handling features by which it manages to perform smoothly on the road. It is made of advanced carbon ceramic brakes which offer quality braking and control at urgent basis. The sound of this car intensifies the excitement associated to this model. It features less kerb weight and cracks the speed of 62 mph at 3.4 seconds.

What do we think about Lamborghini Gallardo?

This car is a complete supercar of Lamborghini and has no miss. This car showcases superior quality, great usability and advancement in its attitude. The exterior is solid and gets durability factor to it. This car gives a great dynamical competition to 458 Italia of Ferrari and is a perfect everyday transportation vehicle for 2.

Lamborghini Gallardo Competitors

This Lamborghini Gallardo competes against exotic and super cars only. It is a full size exotic SUV that boasts of classic design, tradition Lamborghini appeal and superior features. The top rival companies of this car include Nissan and Chevrolet. The GT-R black and 370Z are two contended models of Nissan and the Camaro SS and the Corvette ZR1 are two Chevrolet competing models.

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