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Why should i buy Lamborghini Huracan?

By: Elisa on 3 may 2014

5 Answers:

If you are a speed lover and fan of Lamborghini engineering then Lamborghini Huracan is the right choice for you. Lamborghini Huracan will determinately lift up your driving skills because of engine capacity to instant pick up. This Lamborghini Huracan from Lamborghini is not only a sports car but it is a power package of style and comfort where high quality cushioned seats are designed in such a way that you at high speeds you get better sitting experience rather then flipping of the seat. The best and most important attraction the scissor doors which are very useful in order to park and get out of this Lamborghini Huracan easily.

Sonal Gupta   2014-05-03

Buying Lamborghini was one of the best decisions that I took! I am a fan of great technology and elegant looks and this car was the perfect blend of both. If you are looking for great performance and make people on the road envious then Lamborghini is the correct choice for you! It has 7 gears and automatic transmission type. The submission is smooth with relaxed driving experience. I really enjoy driving it!

Ashish   2015-03-28

It gives me the joy of smooth driving. The mileage is great with 4 kmpl on city roads and around 6.4 kmpl on highways. It has 10 cylinders with 4 valves each cylinder. The front and rear brakes has ventilated discs which is a rarity in other cars. It is expensive but totally worth every penny and does not need maintenance frequently.

Prashant   2015-04-01

I don’t think you should. Lambhogini Huracan is just a big car with an even bigger price tag which it is not at all worth of. The car is a total waste of money. I would suggest you to go for some other car of the same segment such as the Audi R8 or Rolls Royce.

ravish   2015-04-15

If you have that amount of money you should go for it. I mean I don’t think I know a lot of people in India having it. But be careful its not designed for Indian roads. The ground clearance on this car will severely damage your car over a speed bump.

krishan kumar saini   2015-04-16

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