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Is it worth buying a Land Rover Freelander2?

By: Cittu on 29 december 2014

5 Answers:

It’s a well proven world famous model from Land Rover company. The name itself gives confidence of a full fledged all time all weather all motorable path SUV. The superb performance 2179cc engine delivers 150PS power in BE and SE models and the same engine is made to deliver power of 190PS in HSE model. Wooping torque of 450NM and its effect on driving is unbelivable. The engine is mated with 6 speed automatic transmission with command shift. Other highly advanced features like Terrain responce can make you feel good even in worst possible road conditions,. Xenon headlamps with LED signature including headlamp power wash assist gets you clear vision in even dense forest.

Sonal Gupta   2014-12-29

You should definitely go for the freelander. It is the best looking car in India in my opinion. freelanders are also known for having very good resale in the luxury car market and a re very dependable. The freelancer 2 improves over the original freelancer by leaps and bounds. if you're in the market for a compact 4x4 that can cut it off-road and yet offers a civilised on-road performance, stop right here. Your shortlist need only run to this Land Rover Freelander 2. There maybe powerful machine than this but when it comes to all round performance, this is your best bet.

Pathak   2015-01-02

Yes, I highly recommend this car to all because I think in this price tag; it will be a perfect choice for you. It is a good combination of looks, comfort, luxury and safety. Its powerful engine delivers good performance on all road situations. It exclusive safety measures give excellent safety to driver as well as passenger. It is a brilliant SUV comes with extraordinary features and delivers all round performance.   

Subhadra   2015-03-08

Well, according to me this car is worth buying as it reassures to give a safer journey and was awarded as a 5 star rating for the protection of the passengers. What else do you want when you are ready to spend that amount of money? It’s a perfect combination of muscular looks and commanding performance. Freelander 2 is a spacious car with ample space for luggage along with the child seats and technical upgrades.

Viraj   2015-06-09

I find this car worth buying because as it offers me perfect performance in every aspect whether it’s interior, exterior, ground clearance, fuel, engine etc. It is perfect blend of sophistication and features which I think is good enough. When it comes to comfort it offers air conditioning system that keeps the passenger cool and calm whatever the temperature be outside. For me it’s a big yes for this car.

Nakul   2015-06-11

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