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What are the safety measures in Freelander 2?

By: Garry on 8 february 2015

7 Answers:

The Range Rover Freelander 2 won 5 stars at the EuroNCAP crash tests. It won the best occupant protection award. In a head on collision the steering coloumn moves forward to give more space and proves less fatal. There are exclusive airbags for knees of front passangers. There are seven airbags in total inside the car. Also the freelander 2 has a transversely mounted front engine for better safety which gives more space to crumple and does not damages the cabin.
Sonal Gupta   2015-02-08

There are some remarkable safety features in my Land Rover Freelander 2. The SUV is equipped with 7 airbags to protect the driver and all the passengers.Some other advanced safety systems like Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Emergency Brake Assist and Electronic Traction Control are also present in the SUV. In addition, it also has Engine Drag Control, Dynamic Stability Control and Roll Stability Control etc. to name a few. According to me, it's a completely safe SUV.

Garvita   2014-12-27

It is a safest SUV as manufacturer incorporates many safety measures in this car to make driving easy and safer. These safety measures include 7 special airbags to give proper safety both to the driver as well as passenger. Moreover, it offers mounted front engine that protects the cabin. In addition to these, it has anti-lock braking system, emergency brake, electronic traction control and much more. I can give full scores on the safety front. 

Ukhal   2015-02-09

The new Land rover Freelander is extremely safe and sound vehicle. The Vehicle has been equipped with latest safety and security features. It has a bunch of airbags installed at different places like driver and front passenger front as well as row one and two head curtain also at driver knees there is an airbag. The vehicle is equipped with anti lock braking system, roll stability control and lot more.

Anaya   2015-03-03

I am also agreeing with the above comment, Land rover Freelander is an affordable Land rover in the portfolio of the company. Regardless of different variants of Land rover there is no compromise has been done in terms of safety and security of the vehicle. The new Land rover Freelander is well equipped with different road safety and passenger safety equipments like Anti lock braking system, Roll stability system, emergency brake system, cornering brake control, dynamic stability control and Hill descent control system.

Hatim   2015-05-22

Land rover Freelander has been safe and sound SUV in its segment with a lot of safety features listed in their name and I am really satisfied with the different control listed in the above answer. I am agreeing with the long list of different road control systems installed in the SUV and in reality there has been no compromise done with any variant of Land rover in terms of safety and security.

Santaap   2015-05-29

Indeed, I am also satisfied with the above answers; The land rover is really a very safe and sound vehicle. It has stability control, ABS, CBS, DSC, HDC and electronic traction control. Together all these features are more than enough to take care of the vehicle safety in a prosperous manner. Additionally the SUV has been maintained with a lot of Airbags inside it which is capable to keep the rear and front seat passenger safe and sound from fatal encounters.

Sudhir   2015-07-18

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