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How is maintenance of this car?

By: Paanchal on 2015-29-01

5 Answers:

Range Rover is a kind of vehicle designed to perform same in very hot conditions or very cold conditions. The technology used so advanced that you wont fine brakedown problem anytime. However as a owner you will have to make sure all maintennace tips as prescribed by Landrover is followed. Like taking vehicle to service center and get the vehicle tuned up to meet road conditions you are intending to use. Like high altitude cold regions need anti freez solutions for keep coolant in perfect condition and oil additives as needed and so on.
TeamAutoportal    2015-29-01

In India most of the buyer buy cars on the basis of low maintenance and low running cost but when it comes to companies like Land Rover then fuel economy can ignored because engine under the hood is showing some good performance numbers, but maintenance cost is acceptable. It is mind set for Indian buyer that maintenance cost of Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is high if they compare with other vehicles but with my fact and figures if you strictly follow the maintenance chart as mentioned in the user manual then you will also receive reasonable cost of ownership.

Rasik    2015-11-02

The car has lots of features that make it a real luxury vehicle. Not many vehicles call themselves luxurious offer the features. Range Rover is that kind of vehicle that can work in every conditions whether it is hot or cold.For Maintenance a user should have to take their vehicle to service center on time.The price of Range Rover is high so the maintenance cost is also acceptable.

Pushpank    2015-10-06

When you are looking for the super luxury cars, and if you want the most comfortable drive, then you need to understand that the cost for the maintenance is high too. But you do not have to worry much when you go for the Range Rover, as the Land Rover engineers will take care of the proper schedule. The car offers a great performance, and you will not face issues, and the result is that you would not spend on the repairs.

Arif    2015-12-06

Yes, I agree with the above answer when you want a car that has superior handling and great performance, then obviously your car budget is higher than the mid segment cars. If you are looking for added comfort factors, then you need to go for the Range Rover. The Range Rover has maintenance schedules designed by the engineers of Land Rover and you will see that the car has better handling and is very efficient. Maintenance is great, and you will need to stick to the schedules.

ashfak    2015-15-06

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