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What is the boot space of Land Rover Range Rover Sport?

By: Vishakha on 13 april 2014

6 Answers:

Being a SUV it features space of around 500L for storing luggages. More than average size travel bags can be accomodated. Apart from that, vehicle has other storage spaces like spacious glove rbox, space under the arm rest, cup holders at rear arm rest, storage under the seats and lot more. Also the rear seats can be folded to accomodate for larger luggages if available.Land Rovers also offers customisation as per requirements of the customer. You can choose to add any features like storage features or comfort features are needed.

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Sonal Gupta   2014-04-13

The Land Rover Range Rover Sport is a great car indeed in terms of engine capability and performance but before owning a SUV, one of the major things that come in to the mind is the space. Yet Range rover sport is a very spacious vehicle with ample leg room, head room and proper spacious seating. Now coming down to the boot space, the Range rover sport comes with default boot space of 764 liter of boot, which can be raised to a next level after folding the rear seats.

Agam   2015-05-14

I am also agree with the above answer and want to add that I personally feel a lot of space inside my Range rover sport, either I have to carry a half dozen of peoples from airport of a lot of luggage of my dad to the destination, I never mind as my SUV never minds it. Range Rover comes with a boot space of 764 liters without any physical change in the Interior but the same can be raised to 1761 if the rear seats are folded, so you will never get the lack of space ever.

Surya   2015-06-08

Guys I am not agree that Range rover sport has best in class boot space; it’s not truth at all. Let me put some light on some of the rivals in the same segment, Yes but Range rover has bigger default boot space without folding anything i.e. 784 liter, no other rival is having that much boot space right now but after folding the rear seat it gets back in the row as porche cayenne’s gives a 1780 liter space, which is better than the Ranger Rover 1761 liter boot.

Kumar   2015-06-25

I am also having similar thoughts but Porche caynne is not the only model which has better boot space than Range Rover Sport. The second name that should come in the list after folding the rear seat is Audi A7 which has default boot space of 775 which is less than the 784 liter bpoyt sopace of Range Rover sport but at the same time fter folding the rear seats A7 leads in the segment. It has 2035 liters of boot space.

Saneet   2015-06-30

Really, I was also expecting the Range Rover to be most spacious, After looking at the above discussion I went online and did the research, actually a lot can be known about cars when you compare, I was thinking my range rover sport is leading in the boot space war. But sorry guys I was wrong, Audi A7 is leading in the segment, second place is taken by BMW X5 with 650 liters without folding rear seat and 1870 after folding the rear seat and third is Porsche keynne with its 1780 liter boot space but the in default boot space my car is leading.

Patel   2015-07-03

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