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What is the engine capacity of Land Rover Range Rover?

By: Kalap on 1 august 2014

6 Answers:

It features 4.4L SDV8 Diesel engine with 4367cc delivering power of 339PS/3500RPM and Torque of 700NM/1750-3500RPM. This engine is available in Vogue SE and Autobiography variants. Petrol 5.0L V8 S/C Autobiography features 4999 cc engine delivering power of 510PS/600-6500RPM. and Torque of 625NM/2500-5500RPM. In both versions, it is fitted with 8 Speed automatic transmission and active rear locking differential.Adaptive dynamic features controls and terrain response helps to have perfect control in all driving conditions.

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Sonal Gupta   2014-08-01

The new Land rover comes in three different engines, namely 3.0 L TDV6 diesel, 4.4 L SDV8 Diesel and 5.0 L V8 S/C petrol. The plain vogue is having 182 kW power and 600 Nm torque, the 4.4 L diesel version vogue or autobiography comes with 250 kW power and 740 Nm torque and finally the 5.0 L petrol engine comes with 375 kW power and 625 Nm torque. All the variants are having 4-wheel drive option.

anupma   2015-05-08

Yes, I am agree as well, The land rover comes in two fuel options and three engines with four different variants 3.0 L Vogue diesel, 4.4 L Vogue SE and Autobiography diesel and 5.0 L V8 S/C Petrol engine. The vehicles are highly power with the power ranging from 182 kW to 375 kW, where as the torque ranging from 600 Nm to 740 Nm. Range rover ranges of land rovers are highly powered.

Kamal   2015-05-30

I am agreeing too, Land rover range rover is very advance in front of the engine capacity. They have some of the most powerful engines with them, which are capable to reach up to enormous speed and generate a lot of power. These engines are most likely for Range rover kind of lenghtyu and weighted vehicles. The Range rover is available in three engine option 2993cc, 4367cc and 4999cc with awesome power and torque.

Tapish   2015-06-03

Yes, Range rover is available with really powerful engines and at the same times they very costly as well. But these muscle vehicles are a real time show and have been a part of iconic peoples who are using it to show the glory that they are enjoying. As far as engine is concerned some of our friends have already discussed a lot details about the engine which is true and informative. Range rover is having a bunch of powerful engines with them.

Naren   2015-06-11

Range rover is a magnificent vehicle from the Land rover which has been taken care by Tata Automobiles. People started asking like since Tata is taking care of the brand now so maybe they have degraded the quality of Range rover but in reality Tata haven’t modified it a bit. The Range rover is still using the same material and quality that they were using earlier. There is no change in technology. The Range rover comes in three different variants and two fuel options.

Kapil   2015-07-24

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