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Does Tata taking over land rover degrade the quality of Range Rover?

By: Kushaal on 15 december 2014

2 Answers:

No. Actually even after Tata taking over Land rover the quality of the car remains the same. They decided on keeping up with the same legendary engineering since 1970. The make, feel and build remains unparalled. In fact, The stiffer shell allows the chassis components to work even better; and it effortlessly absorbs the big impacts that do make it glide through so there’s no creaking or groaning or twisting from the structure. The off-road ability improves, with its just-under-three-foot wading depth , greater ground clearance, and steeper approach and departure angles. It will be beyond your expectations, and the classic Range Rover chasm between the calm luxury and amazing power with cruisability that gives this car such a bandwith of ability.

Sonal Gupta   2014-12-15

I don’t think so. The quality of the Land Rover remains same even there is no effect of Tata’s taking over. Manufacturer follows the same features, luxuries and comfort. The stiffer shell lets this vehicle to perform well and effortlessly. It has a great ground clearance that ensures amazing power. Really, this car delivers extraordinary driving experience. If you are looking for the car that has lots of amazing features then go for it.   

Bismil   2015-03-16

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