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Range rover comes to me as a luxury vehicle. What are the systems and controls like on the dashboard?

By: Majeesh on 2 december 2014

7 Answers:

Yes the first look of this classy vehicle will always talk luxury and will not fail to give you the impression that it falls under a luxury segment which it definitely does. But, the systems and controls of this car are not put under any kind of pullback either. In fact it will surprise you to know that this car has a central mounted touch pad handling all systems, keeping it abreast with today's technologies. So you can drive around with comfort as this car offers you the freedom to enjoy your drive and use the controls with a lot of ease without taking your eyes off the road.

Sonal Gupta   2014-12-02

As far as I know, yes Land Rover Range Rover is considered as a luxurious vehicle with classy look. It has a central mounted touch pad handling system that provides me easy and comfortable driving experience. Manufacturer uses several advanced technologies to give you enough freedom to drive smoothly. It has great systems and controls that give me a pleasure of driving with ease. Personally, I feel it is perfect SUV that every car lover would appreciate. 

Goppish   2015-02-22

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque has glorious looks and aggressively styled. How the looks of the car will age will be decided by the time. I found the co-drivers and the driver seat extremely comfortable since I never experienced any back issue though I drive it for hours. The AC and the car sound are only zones specific and effective. The inbuilt GPS functioned fabulously and you can enjoy more connectivity options for music and phone. 

Rohan   2015-06-17

The car has lots of features that make it a real luxury vehicle. Not many vehicles call themselves luxurious offer the features. The systems and controls though do not come under the category are always the features that are seemed to be the proof technology used. In that sense the Range Rover offers great many technologically adept features. The central mounted touch pad, and the handling systems are the right examples.

Ronak   2015-06-22

The classy look of the vehicle itself is a proof that the rover range is a luxurious vehicle. It offers comfortable driving experience, and one can see it is comfortable for both the driver and passengers. There are lots of advanced technologies used in the car and the controls and systems are awesome. The ease of use of the systems though they are of new technology make the car one of the luxury vehciles

Trinash   2015-06-24

The car is not only stylish but looks aggressive on the roads. It is very comfortable to drive, and is signed in a way to be comfortable for both the passengers and the driver. The AC is pretty good and there is n noise. The ac is zone specific. Not all cars that call themselves to be luxurious have this important feature, and this car certainly is great.

Srinivas   2015-06-26

The Land Rover Range Rover is great in terms of using the adept technologies. This car is also comfortable and easy to drive. you will find the car to be fit for driven for hours, and has inbuilt GPS functionality. The ac is good, and there is no noise. The cabin space and everything are pretty good too. it has an aggressive look.

Sanjay   2015-06-26

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