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Is it a suitable vehicle for long drives?

By: Jagrav on 13 july 2014

3 Answers:

Bolero has high reputaion of a proven utility vehicle. The main strenght of Bolero is superb quality engine delivering higher torques and powers. It has best capability to be used for both on road and off road driving. Fuel tank capacity of 60L is available. With one complete filling of the tank you can cover around 700km on a average. Its a good one for long drives. One of the limitation is the top speed, you can not expect it to be driven at speeds like 140 or 150kmph. A moderale and healthy speed of 100 to 110kmph would be ideal and gives you best mileage too.

Sonal Gupta   2014-07-13

Yes, Mahindra Bolero is good vehicle for long rides too, this is an important factor because of which it is the most preferable vehicle for government offices for their official tours. Its engine performance is very good and it can run continuously for hours even decent speed like above 80kmph. Its passenger cabin is very spacious and comfortable; there is ample leg space even for the 6 feet persons. Even at the speed of 100kmph you will not feel vibrations so even after long drives you will not feel tired.

Sajjan   2015-01-18

The Mahindra Bolero is a dream fit for long drives, be it on highways or long range off-roading. Its reputation of being a superior utility vehicle has been supported and agreed upon by most of its loyalists. One of the reasons behind the Bolero being one of the highest selling vehicles for Mahindra is because of its capability to make long drives a safe and reliable choice of commuting for drivers and passengers alike. Even at high speeds of around 100kmph, the car doesn’t produce any disturbing vibrations, and stays stable even while turning sharp corners. Ample leg space provides comfort.

Tushar   2015-06-28

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