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How good is the suspension of Mahindra Bolero ?

By: Pooja on 15 january 2015

6 Answers:

Mahindra Bolero is well famous Multi-purpose vehicle also known as MPV from Mahindra. Because of heavy build quality and classic design signature, the center of attraction for manufactures of this same class is onto this car only. Mahindra Bolero is blessed with Independent with coil spring & anti roll bar for front wheel and Elliptical leaf springs for rear wheels as these are the components of suspension system and no doubt this type of suspension system is designed by keeping in mind the weight distribution including engine weight,body weight and passengers weight.This suspension system also follows trend of heavy build character which means this suspension will easily not loses it strength and can easily perform on harsh Indian road conditions. Overall Mahindra Bolero have the perfect suspension system with decent ground clearance which allows driver to move easily and he does not have to struggle much with roads.
Sonal Gupta   2015-01-15

When it comes to tough Sports utility vehicle or simply the SUV then neglecting Mahindra Bolero would not be a fair deal. Mahindra Bolero comes with solid body panels and tough chassis design which complete the solid characteristics of this SUV. This SUV suspension consists of Independent with coil spring & anti roll bar for front wheels and parabolic leaf springs for the rear wheels, this combine to form the perfect suspension system. Indian roads are tough to the suspension system of all manufactures, so they keep on experimenting with different type of suspension system configuration to find the best configuration. With the reference of Mahindra test figures on the suspension system, this tough SUV suspension system have ability to carry all passengers with engine and body weight and also works effectively and precisely on all type of bumpy roads. According to all this Mahindra Bolero can easily run on Indian roads without any major problem or difficulties.

Sonal Gupta   2015-01-30

The suspension of the Mahindra bolero EX model includes rigid leaf spring type for both the front and rear wheels. The basic design and feature of these springs are made for heavy vehicles which carry lot of heavy goods. Now in other models SLE, SLX & ZLX the suspension in front are coil spring & anti roll bar whereas at rear side elliptical leaf spring is used as a suspension. It overall helps the vehicle to maintain the stability on any type of road condition.

Chetan    2015-02-12

Mahindra Bolero is an awesome looking SUV that comes with terrific off road driving capabilities. To give the riders a smooth driving experience, especially when this powerful SUV is travelling on unpaved roads, it is incorporated with a robust suspension system to keep the vehicle well balanced and provide the riders a bump free ride. Its front axle is coupled with an independent strut system in combination with coil springs and anti roll bar, while its rear axle is paired with elliptical leaf springs.

Nandish   2015-02-19

Mahindra Bolero is incorporated with a robust suspension system that can deal with uneven roads to keep the vehicle well balanced. Its front axle is coupled with independent strut system in combination with coil springs and anti roll bar, while its rear axle is paired with elliptical leaf springs. Both of this together provides the riders with a bump free ride.

Aarish   2015-06-18

The Mahindra Bolero performs great on both highways and tricky city roads in general. It’s one of the highest selling Mahindra vehicles, and always makes its owners pleased with its performance. One setback though has to be its suspension. Even though, not outright poor, the suspension can use improvement considering that more comfort would increase its sales even further. The car handles tough terrains quite strongly, but the passengers sometimes suffer the brunt of the uneven roads. The suspension provides a strong performance over a long period of time usually, and is focused more on reliability than comfort it seems.

Shanky   2015-08-06

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