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What is the seating capacity of the Mahindra Bolero ?

By: Hatim on 7 january 2015

6 Answers:

Mahindra Bolero is the budget sports utility vehicle from Mahindra. To fit Mahindra Bolero in the budget Mahindra engineers have adopted old school suspension system with classic look to give it hardcore profile which is shouting out from the straight square panels. The cabin of Mahindra Bolero is not much comfortable like Mahindra Scorpio but gives decent comfort to all passengers and riders with well powered air conditioner, comfortable seats and effective central console deign and lot more. The cabin of Mahindra Bolero is very much spacious and it provide perfect leg room, head room, elbow space and shoulder support to all seven passengers including driver. However the rear seats can fit adults but it is advised that rear seats are designed for children and small highted passengers only. Overall Mahindra Bolero is the perfect sports utility vehicle which fits in the budget and carry effective amount of passengers on it full carrying capacity.
Sonal Gupta   2015-01-07

If you anyone is looking for an SUV which comes with promise of heavy build nature with reliability then Mahindra Bolero is the best option. All though Mahindra Bolero have square panels shaped designs but still manage to look muscular and aggressive. Mahindra Bolero is blessed with 7 seats to sit and these seven seats have comfortable form filling with good quality upholstery, however the last row of Mahindra Bolero feels slight cramped if someone 6 ft. tall try to sit as those seats are designed for mid-size and Childers.

Mamta   2015-01-21

Mahindra Bolero is among those SUVs that have been built keeping in mind the comfort of the users. Different versions of Bolero come with different seating capacities. For instance, SLX 2WD version can accommodate six adults along with a driver. The SLX 4WD is also a seven seater variety in which six people can sit comfortably along with a driver. CAMPER has two types of seating options; one variety comes in the form of four seater variety and another version is in the form of five seater variety. On the other hand, Bolero INVADER GLX can accommodate eight adult passengers comfortably. However, there is an optional arrangement of seven adult sitting option too in yet another variant of INVADER GLX.

Daksha   2015-02-07

The Mahindra Bolero is said to be built for budget, travel and space. The leg room, head room, shoulder space and elbow space are fully available in the car. The diesel models Plus, Plus B 24 has the capacity of 9 passengers, which is spacious enough and ensures comfort driving experience. The driver area is spacious and it provide perfect leg room, head room, elbow space and shoulder support to all passengers including driver. The rear seats can fit adults, but they are designed and made for children or small height people travelling along.

Jaswinder   2015-03-08

Mahindra Bolero is an awesome looking MUV that has a large wheelbase of 2680mm for its ZLX, SLX and SLE variant, whereas the EX trim has a long wheelbase of 2794mm. This long wheelbase resulted in a wide passenger cabin with a good measure of leg room. The high stance of 1910mm of this MUV has provided it with big head and shoulder space. Mahindra Bolero can comfortably seat up to seven individuals. The seats are wide and comfy and come with vinyl seating upholstery. The seats are ergonomically designed and are arranged in three rows, which provides good comfort to the occupants.

Tanmay   2015-03-14

The Mahindra Bolero has been a preferred utility vehicle in the Indian market for quite a lot of years now; one of the reasons for that has to be the fact that it provides a wide and spacious cabin that makes it easy for big groups to travel together, especially large families. The spacious cabin provides ample leg room, wide head and shoulder room without compromising on the build quality of the vehicle. The Bolero easily sits 7 people, although it’s advisable for taller people to avoid the back row as it’s ideally suited for middle height people or children.

Hinash   2015-06-18

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