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What is the actul price of mahindra bolero?

By: RP CHAUDHARY on 23 march 2015

6 Answers:


The ex showroom price varies depending upon respective state and its policy wrt vehicles. The onroad price varies depending upon road tax, insurance charges and other miscelleneous charges as applicable. Hence all in all the invoice you get at the time of booking the car is the perfect indication of price of that particular variant.


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal   2015-03-24

There is no particular answered to this question because the actual price of every car like Mahindra Bolero varies from state to state polices as every state government have their own way of treating vehicle polices., so it is impossible for me you to tell the perfect answered, but I strongly recommended you to go for AUTOPORTAL official on road price calculator of you region. SO that you can easily caudate you emir and check for best results.

Monika   2015-04-02

As Mahindra Bolero is available in a range of variants, prices of vehicles vary according to these models and their specifications. For instance, the approximate price of the two model variants of ZLX, which are BS3 and BS4, is about RS 8 lacs and above. The prices of the two variants of SLX, which are BS3 and BS4, are priced at around Rs. 8 lacs. The two variants of SLE, which are BS4 abd BS 3, are priced at somewhere around Rs. 7.50 lacs. In addition to this, the region and the state from which you are buying the car also determine its market cost. The ex-showroom policy and dealer’s regulations also count as important determinants that determine what will be the cost of Bolero.

Chanchal   2015-04-29

The price of the Mahindra bolero varies as the car comes in various models; there are diesel, petrol and other variations in which the car is available. Therefore, the price of each car varies and is dependent on its features. So unfortunately, one cannot give one specific answer to this question, but the price of the car starts from Rs. 7.50 lakhs, the prices keep increasing with better and stronger versions of this great car.

Satpal   2015-06-17

As we know, the Mahindra bolero is available for sale in variants like the ZLX, SLX, diesel, petrol models. The price of each car varies from one to another and the price increases as per the model and its features. The basic models would cost around Rs. 7.50 lakhs, one could visit the showroom to get all the details.

Prabhjot   2015-06-19

There is sadly no specific answer about the cost of the Mahindra bolero as it comes in a variety of models and variants; each variant is differently prices as each car is different from the other. Available in petro and diesel models, one can make the choice as per their needs. The exact details of the price variation can be obtained from the official website or by the assistance at the showrooms.

Umed   2015-06-22

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