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What is the mileage of Mahindra Bolero?

By: Shaheer on 28 july 2015

8 Answers:

Mahindra claims that the Bolero would deliver a combined mileage of 15.96kmpl in ideal conditions. However, you should be able to get 13.5 - 14.5kmpl in real conditions.

Sanjay   2015-08-05

The mileage on a Mahindra Bolero is keep on changing time to time based on the conditions, this is what I realized after using it for almost 3 years. When you are on open roads and the engine is in 4th of 5th gear for the long term with a speed limit of maximum 60-70 KMPH, one can expect a mileage of 17 to 18 KMPL at the same time when you are in traffic conditions the mileage will go down to the 12-13.

Shekhar   2015-08-14

I am agreeing with the same, the Mahindra bolero gives different figures every time and will be surprising you maximum of the times, generally what you will expecting is a mileage of 15 KMPL from your bolero. I have a Bolero DI, one SLE as well. The DI average on highway is awesome almost 19-20 sometimes but SLE is having a mileage of 14-15 maximum over the highways and obviously it will be less in the cities.

Param   2015-08-17

Yes, you are right, but my Bolero SLX is having a very good mileage and the vehicle is in the use of commercial fleet. The Bolero SLE I have gives a mileage of around 12-13 in the city and 16-19 over the highways. I have no issues with the vehicle and its going fabulous always. When on running AC at full the mileage figure throttle down to 11-12 KMPL but it is expected.

Asthav   2015-08-18

I am agreeing too. The bolero is having an awesome dimension and it is a very good vehicle which is boxy but cool looking as well as very suitable for bad roads those rural areas used to have. I have seen a maximum speed up to 160 KMPH by myself and an average of 18 KMPH also when driven calmly. With running Ac the mileage will come down up to 4-5 KMPL. But overall it gives a good mileage and performance.

Rajan   2015-08-20

Mileage is one of the disappointing features in the Mahindra Bolero cars. in fact, there are only a very few letdowns, and fuel economy is one. The company claims the car to offer 15.96 km per liter. But, most of the times it is only 13 to 14 km pl.

Suyesh   2015-09-15

The diesel version of Mahindra Bolero offers good mileage when compared with that of the petrol version. It has to be noted that the car can offer different figures based on the driving quality and the road conditions. 15 can be expected when driven on highways.

Veeru   2015-09-17

The Bolero SLX offers good amount of fuel economy compared with the rest. It offers 12 to 13 km per liter on the city roads. On highways the numbers are even more impressive, and it has to be seen that the mileage can go up to 17 to 19 km per liter.

Zayed   2015-09-19

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