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Why can't the manufacturer modify the design of balljoint on Bolero? I have see that fail many times. What are the signs that it needs replacement?

By: Ozi on 10 october 2015

1 Answers:

The ball joint would get old in due course of use. In case the rubber seal that prevents the joint's greasing from dust and helps it operate normally is protected, the joint should not fail mechanically under stress. Are you sure that it's the ball joint and not the rod end that's failing? The joint does not require replacement during the course of preventive maintainance as per my knowledge, it's replaced only when it fails, it may require lubrication though. There may not always be tell-tale signs of impending failure. However, do look out for noise that may point to the need of lubrication. In case the car has undergone some accident or there has been damage to the mounting points, it can cause undue stress on other parts and lead to their failure, I have mentioned this simply as consideration to rule out even the worst of the worst sceneario but its highly unlikely.  

Mohinish   2015-10-10

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