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Does Bolero Plus have power steering?

By: umapati tripathi on 27 december 2015

6 Answers:

The EX variant which is also the base variant does not have power steering but all other variants have it.

Basant   2015-12-27

Obviously it does sir! You don’t even know that all cars nowadays come with power steering? You will not even be able to turn your car properly without it. I am so astonished by the stupidity around here in people. This is a total weird question and I don’t know why you don’t know this.

Rajat Sharma   2016-01-04

I don’t know if you have ever driven a car before in your life but I assure you that yes it does come with a power steering. Almost all cars nowadays do come with a power steering and it is impossible to drive a car nowadays without it unless you are very strong.

Mohammad Khan   2016-01-06

Do not feel shame in asking a question kid. It does come with a power steering and I assure you that it is a very good car with handling. I would love to inspire someone else to buy the car and I hope it makes you feel happy just like it made me.

Abhishek Ahlawat   2016-01-07

The Bolero is a very heavy segment car and it does come with a power steering. You know, it is a very heavy car and it would be impossible to drive the car with the power steering option disabled. Go ahead and buy it, its an awesome car and good mileage.

Ishant Sandilya   2016-01-09

I am not sure by the general methods how things work around here but all I know is that this is a very expensive car and if it does not come with a power steering than why would I even buy it. Still confirm with a specialist before buying the car.

Lokesh Pandey   2016-01-11

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