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Mahindra e2o (2014-2016) Key Features

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  • Highly eco-friendly
  • Great for daily commuting in the city
  • Looks distinct on the road


  • Price is too high
  • Battery life needs improving to curb range anxiety
  • After-sale service can be an issue
360° View

Mahindra e2o (2014-2016) 360° View

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  • Exterior

Interior 360° Degree View

Wondering how the insides of the Mahindra e2o (2014-2016) look like? Get a tour of this car with the 360° degree view of the interior. Enjoy a lifelike view of the interior design of this car. Check out how the manufacturer has utilized the space and how spacious the legroom as well as the headroom are. Get a feel of the quality of the material used and see how the dashboard looks like. Check AC vents, infotainment system and other utility equipment on offer. See if the car offers steering-mounted controls. In a nutshell, this 360° degree interior view walks you through the inside of Mahindra e2o (2014-2016). Click anywhere on the image and drag it to the left and right to rotate. Zoom to enlarge the view!

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Mahindra e2o (2014-2016) Reviews (43)

Smart car for smart people

Overall rating: 4.75 Reviewed By: Nagraj on 10 November 2014
I have experience of owning both Reva car and the latest updated version of it ie Mahindra E20. The reason I prefer electric cars in I'm a nature lover and I find maximum possible methods to save and improve the nature. As a matter of fact planting trees and looking after them is one of my favorite...  Read More »

G k suguna

Overall rating: 1 Reviewed By: G K Suguna on 20 September 2018
Very bad choice  Read More »

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Mahindra e2o (2014-2016) Overview

There is no doubt that electrical energy is one of the potential contender in future mobility. And being one of the fastest emerging market, India’s convergence towards the same is nothing but inevitable. After taking over the rather unsuccessful Reva firm, Mahindra decided to resurrect the electric mobility scenario in India with nation’s first fully-grown electric car.
Mahindra e2o (2014-2016) Overview
It’s called Mahindra Reva e2o (pronounced as E-to-Oh, where ‘e’ represents ‘solar energy’, ‘2’ simply means ‘to’ and ‘O’ denotes ‘oxygen’. Why? Read on). Mahindra e2o is made in an all-new facility in Bangalore which in itself is a benchmark in eco-friendly manufacturing as it is India’s first platinum rated automobile facility by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council). The plant uses natural ventilation and natural lights for an eco-friendly production. Mahindra e2o shares many design clues from the Reva-i but still the design has been revised thoroughly by renowned DC design studios to give e2o a more proportionate and bold look. Upfront, the face shows a lot of seriousness than the toy-ish Reva-i. Halogen projector headlamps looks stunning and blends well with a bold face and grille. Side profile looks clean and futuristic with clean body panels and colossal rear side-windows. 13” alloy wheels are neat and fits well with the bold wheel arches. Body crease is profound running all around the door panel before ending smartly at the C-pillar. Reva badging beneath the door mirrors depicts the car’s underpinnings. Rear end is compact and carries a large bumper and wraparound tail-lamps. Overall build quality is decent and a leap-forward than the Reva-i. Mahindra e2o is a cute little car with likeable design features and a very distinctive persona. Interiors of e2o looks well-made and logical from both financial as well as design point of view. Plastic quality is decent and everything is tightly screwed together. However, the biggest advantage of e2o is the sheer amount of gadgetry that comes standard with the car. Features like hill hold, reverse camera, GPS navigation, 6.2” touchscreen infotainment system and smart phone integration are just to name the few. Mahindra claims that the e2o have the highest tech features in its segment and with ten onboard computers we couldn’t agree more. Powering e2o is a 19 kW or 25.5 HP electric motor. Though the output is nothing impressive, still the flat torque curve of electric motor makes the car a decent performer in city traffics. And with maximum range of 100km from a 5hr charge, urban mobility is what e2o is all about. Ride quality is decent and the car can accommodate four adult passengers in reasonable coziness, but again, only for short commutes. Mahindra have been a strong trend setter in almost all of its past pursuits. And now with eco-friendly e2o we can just wait to experience the coalition of electric mobility with the Indian automotive mainstream.

Mahindra e2o (2014-2016) Exterior

Mahindra e2o owes largely to Reva-i for its design philosophy. That said, the e2o in itself is a very mature and easy on the eyes design than its predecessor. The best bit is the use of ABS (anything but Anti-Lock Brakes) body panels for the fabrication of body which make the panels dent and scratch resistant, obviously not entirely. Face is bold and unique and features large halogen projector headlamps which is a class leading feature by miles. However, the large grille looks and feels kinda tacky in an otherwise well-built facade.
Mahindra e2o (2014-2016) Exterior
Side profile of e2o is distinctive and uncanny with compactness and ultramodern being the only explanation. Two-door design looks kinda cool but it also limits the rear seat accessibility. The glasshouse is large and provides decent all-around visibility. However, thick C-pillars and small rear windscreen eats up the rear visibility. ‘Automatic’ and ‘Electric’ badging on the large bumper depicts the powertrain characteristics. Rear end looks smart but a bit fragile when compared to some other smart hatchbacks in the market.Mahindra e2o (2014-2016) Exterior
Overall, Mahindra has done a remarkable job in designing the e2o under given constraints and keeping it original and futuristic without being too alienated like its predecessor. The e2o is available in a total of six vibrant colors – arctic silver, coral blue, eco green, oceanic white, Spanish red and sunfire yellow.

Mahindra e2o (2014-2016) Interior

Foremost, e2o is a four-seater car with a rear bench suitable for average adults over short distances. Space is not anywhere near relaxing but it is sufficient for any normally fed torso. The interiors are all-new in the e2o and stands pretty good on both quality and usability front. The dual-tone upholstery with stitched design gives a nice character to flimsy but comfortable seats. Positioning of battery makes the front seats high-perched, giving a good forward view to the driver, not cocooning though. Dashboard is logically laid out in black theme with few silver inserts and black wooden finished trim. Knobs and switches are solid and are nice to touch. Steering wheel is large and feels good to hold. Instrument panel with blue lightning is all digital with ample real-time information about every aspects of the car.
Mahindra e2o (2014-2016) Interior
The best bit though is that the e2o comes loaded to the gills with modern features. Features like multi-info display, 6.2” touchscreen infotainment system, GPS navigation with range indicator, Bluetooth connectivity, CD player with USB, AUX and i-Pod connectivity, 4 JBL speakers and 2 tweeters, keyless go, power door mirrors, projector headlamps, reverse camera, hill hold assist and follow-me-home headlamps being all standard in the e2o. Further, the car comes with state-of-the-art telematics which allows the user to operate various conveniences remotely via a smartphone. Like activation of AC before even entering the vehicle, locking and unlocking of door, trip planning, information on current charging status and nearest charging ports and triggering of REVive technology, which remotely activates the reserve battery power and gives about 7% of extra juice to the battery. Mahindra e2o offers decent ergonomics and comfort levels on-par with the competition and with range-topping features it is a smart option over its conventional rivals. With limited boot space, practicality is the major and more or less the only flaw in the e2o’s cabin.

Mahindra e2o (2014-2016) Engine & Transmission

Powering the e2o are 48 V Lithium-ion batteries which is a welcome change over the outdated lead-acid batteries. The batteries transmits the power to an on-board 19 kW three-phase induction motor. That’s about 25.5 HP at 3,750 rpm. Now, you might think that this makes e2o as powerful as say Honda CBR250 but read this, being an all-electric drive, the 53 Nm of torque in e2o is at your disposal right at zilch rpm. Further, the flat torque curve confirms a linear and jerk-free power delivery all the way up till 3,400 rpm.
Mahindra e2o (2014-2016) Engine & Transmission
In bumper to bumper city traffic, the automatic transmission works wonderfully to give a stress-free ride. The e2o wafts calmly with just a soft electric whine. Press the accelerator pedal and the car moves effortlessly to almost 60 km/h but push more and the limited powertrain progresses gradually to the top speed of 81 km/h. The transmission has a so-called ‘Boost’ mode marked as ‘B’ on the gear stick, which makes the e2o a bit peppy and spirited for overtaking maneuvers by some 15% power increment but at the cost of range. Range anxiety is one of the biggest drawback of electric vehicles and e2o is no exception. With a 5hr span of full charge from a standard 220V 15A socket, the e2o manages about 100km of range (do the mathematics for efficiency as per your electricity rates). This limits the domain of Mahindra e2o to just intra-city daily runs. And therefore it is an ideal vehicle for regular college students (if any) and desk-job holders. Mahindra is working extensively upon installing of charge points across major cities in India and New Delhi and Bangalore has already been undertaken successfully with Bangalore alone having 90+ charging points across the city.

Mahindra e2o (2014-2016) Performance and Handling

Mahindra e2o is a very easy car to drive around town. The 850 kg of kerb weight makes it nimble over twisty roads. However, even the low C.G of powertrain can’t eliminate the fair amount of body roll from the tall-ball stance of e2o. Further, the manual rack and pinion steering system makes the drivability kinda hard in such a modern world.
The super tiny turning radius of just 3.9 m makes the car a blessing in tiny streets. The reverse camera compensates well the limited rear visibility in tight parking spaces. Another useful feature is the hill hold system which frees you from spooky anxiety of uphill driving. Overall the ride quality is just average over rough surfaces as most of the bumps gets transmitted into the cabin quite easily. The low resistance 155/70 Hankook tyres are range-friendly but they offers mediocre grip levels. Mahindra offers setup points in parking spots of multi-story residential complexes via your electric meter. Further, an additional 1 lakh rupees will give you a solar charging panel (sun to oxygen, remember?) making the operation of e2o fully eco-friendly. The battery life is round about 4years and is almost a maintenance free option. Mahindra also monitors your car’s performance and functionality and sends concerned text and mail alerts to your smartphone. Further, Mahindra also provides free regular doorstep service.

What do we think about Mahindra e2o (2014-2016)?

Mahindra e2o is a very smart and responsible choice in the current environment scenario and it is easy on the wallet too. Mahindra puffs the e2o as the vehicle for future mobility whose key features are dominantly the five Cs – Clean, Convenient, Connected, Clever and Cost-effectiveness.
The e2o is a very pleasant looking car with distinctive and futuristic styling ethos omnipresent on its body. Features like halogen projectors and LED tail-lamps makes the exteriors looks modern and attractive. The dent resistant body has color impregnated to it which further makes the manufacturing eco-friendly. Further, the tech-laden cabin with numerous convenient telematics makes the usability of e2o much more friendly and care-free. Features like regenerative braking and REVive improves the range of vehicle considerably. Another great aspect of Mahindra e2o is its safety which includes high strength steel frame, three-crumple zones, side-impact dual beams, immobilizer, gear and charge interlocks, ISOFIX child mounts and a total of six energy absorbing structures in the front. The powertrain of e2o offers decent performance for all the city runs that you’ll ever gonna need. Further, its instant torque and seamless transmission makes it a boon in stop-and-go traffics. Mahindra has worked extensively upon the cabin space and now the e2o offers good ride quality for both front and rear passengers with gas filled shock absorbers and coil springs damping most of the surface undulations. Braking effort is managed by 215 mm disc brakes at front and 189 mm drum brakes at rear. However, regenerative braking makes the process a bit dodgy and intrusive. Pricing of Mahindra e2o is different for different cities and one can confirms the same from e2o’s official website. However, the pricing starts from as low as 6.44 Lakhs in New Delhi (for base model with no touchscreen and reverse camera) and can go up to 8 Lakhs in some cities. The e2o then is a great value package which is also an environment friendly solution towards the raging pollution crisis of the world. If optimized intelligently, this can be a potential platform for zero-emission mobility in India over which various home-grown public and private products can prosper. Mahindra e2o offers almost every feature an average city commuter may ever need and that too with an added perk of efficient and clean mode of energy. Therefore, it is an ideal mode of transport for day-to-day city dweller who would like to contribute his/ her share in the conservation of mother earth and reduce the carbon footprint for a better and cleaner future.

Mahindra e2o (2014-2016) Competitors

None really. Mahindra e2o is the most eco-friendly and pocket-friendly option in India with range-topping gadgetry and distinctive persona. You may go for any other hatchback in market but over the years none of them will be as pocket and environment friendly as the Mahindra e2o.

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