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Is LPG or CNG versions available of E2o in India?

By: Jayant on 14 march 2014

5 Answers:

e2o does not has LPG or CNG version.

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Sonal Gupta   2014-03-14

It’s useless to talk about the diesel, petrol or CNG version of the Mahindra e2o, as it is an electric car which simply runs with the help of an electric motor. The process is so simple; please recharge the battery every night while being at the home and next day drive it easily for 100 kilometers. Again recharge it and again run it for next 100 kilo meters. There is no need of any fuel, the Mahindra e2o runs with the help of a electric motor which converts electrical energy to the mechanical energy.

Harleen   2015-05-02

Actually I am agree with the above answer and want to say something about the question itself, which is completely baseless as e2o is not a fuel driven car. It is an innovation in the segment of electric cars which runs over the electrical engine. So there is no scope of any fuel engine of fuel option as it doesn’t run on fuel at all. The e2o has been designed to run over the battery power which converts the electrical energy to the mechanical energy. But I see a decent mileage of 90-100 Kilo meter per charge

Gautam   2015-06-17

I am also agreeing guys, with the above answers. Mahindra e2o is a hybrid car which runs over the electric not any fuel like diesel, petrol or gas. The battery needs to be recharged after every run. Actually it seems impractical, as what if in case you have to go more than 100  significant amount of their car battery but still there are lot of flaws.kilometers, then it becomes a question but as per the official Mahindra sources, Mahindra with Indian govt help is planning to install the charging stations at different locations where people can park their cars for 30 minutes and charge a

Munny   2015-06-26

Seriously, it is a useless question, if a car is running on electric motor how come it can be linked with CNG or any other combustion fuel. The whole segment is different. So simply guys the answer is no. Mahindra e2o does not run over the CNG so there is no CNG version is available in the market. There is not any official or unofficial news regarding the same. So forget fuel and participate in the green India plan with the help of electric operated vehicle. I hope to see lot of improvement in the electric vehicle segment and all the best to Mahindra.

Sudhanshu   2015-07-08

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