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How to maintain e2o for long term usage?

By: Anmol on 13 august 2014

2 Answers:

Maintenance of any vehicle is very easy provided one follows the maintenance schedule and tips as given in owner manual that is given at the time of purchase of new car. Generally most of the customers skip to read it as they are very familiar with cars. However this is a different car. Being the only electric car available as of now, recommended to read the owner manual once and follow the guidelines provided. The most frequent problem one can come across is low battery and need of urgent re charge. Mahindra offers customer pooling facility with which you are provided with details of customers owning the same model. In case of emergency, you can refer to the nearest available customer and take vehicle there for recharging of battery. There are plenty of guide limes one has to follow for getting best life from a electric car. Easiest and simplest method is to follow guidelines as per owners manual.

Sonal Gupta    2014-08-13

After buying any car what matters the most is its maintenance and if the guideline given in the user manual is followed properly, a car can be kept well-maintained for years. However, the familiarity with cars makes the user skip such instructions and they consequently pay its price. Mahindra E2o is an electric car and it has several unfamiliar functions that may cause the user trouble if not dealt correctly. E.g. its battery, which goes out of charge after every a few hours and if not get it recharged, it will surely be a big trouble.

Karuna   2014-12-20

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