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What are the comfort features available in Mahindra E2O?

By: Shamak on 14 december 2014

5 Answers:

Driving a electric car is very easy in the sense that there is no need to operate clutch and change the gears. Along with the highly efficienct electric motor, Mahindra E2O has good lot of features that help for easy to use of the car. Sime of them are fully automatic drive with which driving is made easy in bumper to bumper traffic.Easy home charging that facilitates for charging of the car with 15V output. That is you can charge the vehicle as simple as chargingyou mobile at sockets available in homes. Hll holder helps to avoid backward rolling of vehicle when stopped on incline roads.

Sonal Gupta   2014-12-14

Mahindra e2o is the future of automobile industry. The constant rate at which we are over using our natural resources with lead to complete exploitation very soon. To counter this problem battery powered vehicles come to the rescue. Mahindra e2o is surely not a fully grown environment friendly car, but this car can be taken as mini model of automobile future. Comfort level of this car cannot be compared to any other car, because its of a completely new segment. But as talking in general sense the cabin of e2o is not that small as seems from outside. Two averagely built passengers can easily sit on front bench of this car. However surprisingly four passengers can sit in this car, obviously the people sitting on the rear bench have to struggle a lot during whole trip, but that’s ok as your are helping the environment in return.

Deepak   2014-12-30

This avant garde hybrid car has been bestowed with several utility as well as comfort features. The cushioned seats have head restraints, power steering, power windows, and a powerful air conditioner. The air conditioner and few of the other functions in the car can be controlled by using the smartphone. In front of the driver, there sits a 6.2 inches infotainment system with connect to the GPS and an entertainment system. The utility features include glove box, power charger, cup and bottle holders, reverse parking camera with parking sensors etc.

Vasant   2015-01-11

Well I think this car not meant for comfort. If buyer is looking for comfort and luxury than he/she should not buy this car, as it will not be the perfect pick for the buyer. This car is fuel and pocket friendly. There are other features like no clutch and gears to operate. The car is automatic which makes driving easy even in the traffic, easily chargeable vehicle at sockets available in home.

Nita   2015-07-01

I believe on comfort as when we are spending that amount of money to buy a car then its natural, we will expect everything from the car. If it is not comfortable to drive then why would any buyer attract to buy that car? So for me car should be buyer friendly and I am happy with this car as it fulfils my hunger of a small & compact car.

Moseen   2015-06-29

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