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How many people can sit in the Mahindra E2o ?

By: Karthik on 19 january 2015

4 Answers:

Mahindra E2o is a hybrid car which is built for travelling from one place to another in an ecofriendly way, and obviously this car cannot compete with any of those existing fuel gulping cars in any way except fuel economy. The compact design of this car help in reducing the stress from the motor. Despite being one of the smallest car in this segment the car still manages to house four average sized people in it and obviously including the driver. The battery motor powering this car is designed to run many kilometers and not to run with many people, and so the total kilometer running would be directly affected with the load in this car. Obviously there is no space for boot to fit in, but Mahindra engineers still manages to provide lots of room in the cabin. It is a tough challenge to fit 5.5 ft or longer people in this car and the way to the rear bench is congested which is through the front door only, making it impossible for above average sized passengers to get in.
Sonal Gupta   2015-01-19

If you are looking for hybrid car which has space for 4 peoples then Mahindra E2o is the perfect option. Mahindra E2o have wierd design but this design leads to decent cabin space which gives perfect head room and leg room for all four passengers and best part when you stretch out the front seats to the fullest still rear passengers have good leg room. The main problem with compact design is that passengers have to full fold front seats to get access to rear seats. If we neglect small flaws then Mahindra E2o have spacious cabin for only 4 passengers.

Yadav   2015-01-30

E20 T2 is an updated e20 version. The car like design moves on to the interior of the car. There is enough space inside to fit in at least my four family members. The leather seat is exceptionally comfortable for my mother. She gets outstanding support and leg support. The bucket seat easily folds down once you pull on the lever which allows easy access to the rear row. The dashboard has 6.2 inches of touch screen, inbuilt GPS navigation and the DVD player. Mahindra and Mahindra have shown the extent to which the car can be convenient. The keyless entry to the car is simply fantastic. 

Visham   2015-06-04

If I say, this Mahindra e2o car is a perfect blend of beauty and performance then I don’t think anyone would deny this fact. I agree with all the people who believe that it is a beautiful car that deliver excellent performance. As I have experienced, this car has space for 4 passengers which I think good enough. Only problem is the car cannot accommodate people taller than 5.4 inches.

Mayank   2015-06-26

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