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I want to buy the Mahindra KUV but I’ve been hearing that it does not offer a good mileage. Should I consider buying it?

By: Smita on 11 august 2016

1 Answers:

As there are numerous variants of Mahindra KUV in petrol as well as in diesel variant. The mileage that you can expect from its petrol variant is 18kmpl whereas its diesel variant claims to give a mileage of 25kmpl. The figures are promising and Mahindra has improved up to quite an extent therefore there shouldn’t be an issue with the KUV as such. Also, mileage is something which differs for mostly everybody because this figure is dependent on a lot of factors including how well you take care of the car, its maintenance, how it is driven etc. If you are in a traffic prone area and have to use a lot of brake and accelerator again and again then also the mileage goes down. Therefore, take a test drive, get hands on experience of the car and then take a decision. Mileage on the other hand, is something that is completely dependent on how you treat your vehicle.  

Anu   2016-08-11

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