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What is the fuel tank capacity of Mahindra Quanto?

By: Bhalendra on 13 march 2014

7 Answers:

Quanto features 55L capacity fuel tank.It is a large enough capacity tank for long drives. A distance of 900 km can be covered in one filling.

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Sonal Gupta   2014-03-13

As stated in the above review, the Mahindra Quanto has a fuel tank capacity of 55 litres, which is pretty decent, while its competitors - ICML extreme and Renault lodgy have comparatively smaller fuel tank capacity than this. Quanto gives a mileage of around 13.6 in the city and around 15 in the highways, so with this fuel tank capacity is pretty decent, it can run 816 kilometers approximately in the city with full tank refuel, while it can run 900 kilometers in the highways. So you could easily take this SUV to your favourite holiday destination with your family

Sushil   2014-03-15

The Mahindra Quanto is the best in the market in terms of fuel as it has the most efficient capacity 55 liters. But the others of this category in the market have less capacity of fuel than this car. This car is very much efficient in making the most comfortable journey all along the road. This car can easily be maintained and the ones competing with this one in the market are not up to the mark.

Habib   2015-05-09

This car has the capability to give a mileage of around 13.6 within the city with the advanced fuel consumption facility. This car can easily be maintained as this car has the best fuel consumption in the market. The car has descent record not only in terms of millage but in terms of other performances too. The car has the best records on road with its talented fuel efficient facility.

Baijanti   2015-05-20

Mahindra Quanto is regarded to be the best fuel efficient one in the market and it has been the consistent performers in the list. This car not only gives a mileage of 13.6 within the city but also has the record of 15 in the highways. The car is also gigantic in terms of looks and has been praised by in the same category. U can go for this car.

Aakesh   2015-06-04

This SUV has been among the most consistent fuel efficiency cars in the market. This car has on road records of running 816 km without refilling the fuel tank for once. You might think that SUVs in Indian market has no such fuel efficiencies but let me tell you, this car has the best economic prospects compared to others in the market. I would suggest you to buy this car without any hesitation.

Chetan   2015-06-07

This is just the SUV you have always wished for. This car can be a good mode if you are planning for a long trip with your family. The best part of it is its fluent and consistent performance all over. This car has the capability to travel for 900 kilometers when in highways. If you are planning to buy an SUV this year then you can blindly go for this cab.

Sahil   2015-06-18

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