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How to maintain Quanto for long term usage?

By: Lavkush on 17 july 2014

8 Answers:

Quanto has powerful diesel engine very wellproven in performance and delivering best of mileage figures too. To further improve the performance and overall utility of the vehicle, you can use premium diesel and use best quality of engine oil. A regular maintenance as per schedule is always recommended for getting best life of the vehicle. Checking tyre pressure, getting the wheel alignment and balancing checked at regular intervals would help to get better life of tyres. Getting the interiors cleaned with best quality of service offered by centers like 3M services would help to maintian the interiors at best condition. Some of the tips like parking the vehicle under shade, getting a thorough service done after comming back from a long drive would help get rid of dust particles leading to rust formations in long term. 

Sonal Gupta    2014-07-17

I don't know why most of the buyer or customer ask this same question, this time let me clear you mind that there is no hard and fast rule to get good maintenance the only way is to get maximum life of you vehicle is that you need to flow the maintenance chart as mentioned in the user manual of your car. This proves that Mahindra Quanto will only get longer life only when you will strictly follow the maintenance chart.

Pratap   2014-09-10

One of the basic ways by means of which you can make your car serve you much longer is to give it regular servicing. This is a general rule for all the cars, and Mahindra Quanto is not an exception. Since the engine of Quanto is one of the assets of this car, so you should enhance its longevity by using lead free fuel and lubricants from branded companies. In addition, you can ask the dealers to provide the car with antirust and weatherproof coating so that the under parts and the exteriors remain safeguarded against climatic hazards. You can also schedule a specific date for checking things like tyre pressure, tyre threads, and alignment from time to time to ensure that driving the car will always be safe and will give you optimum satisfaction.

Samar   2014-10-03

It depends on you how you want to maintain your own vehicle. Some people speak on mileage, some on interior quality and some on exterior and engine quality. The quanto comes with diesel version which is actually meant for long and power pack drives. The safety, luxury and comfort level of this vehicle is the best comparing to its segment. With this all in one pack still if people ask this question how to maintain it, and then in simple words, proper and timely servicing and decent driving can be the raw answer for the above question.

Niharika   2015-01-09

The Mahindra Quanto has a very powerful engine, and it delivers what you want. The mileage is also very great, and the vehicle is known for the overall utility. But the users need to make use of the good quality diesel and engine oil. The vehicle should be maintained in the right manner. Maintaining the interiors is also necessary, and also park the vehicle under the shade. Keeping it clean is one of the wasy and best ways.

Hemraj   2015-05-07

Regular servicing is what that is needed to keep the Mahindra Quanto in shape. This is a thumb tule for any of the cars, and it goes true with the Quanto too. The car has good assets, and one of the main is the engine. So, it is essential that the oil and the fuel should be of good quality. Branded oils should be chosen for the engine, and using a weather proof coating is best.

Pichai   2015-06-17

Maintaining your vehicle can be a tough task for you, if you are not planning accordingly. The simplest way to get this done is to stick to the maintenance chart. Also do not rely on the third party service centers, and go for the company authorized service centers only. Scheduling a specific date for cleaning the interiors and the exteriors of the car is what you need to do.

Idhant   2015-07-10

The long drives without sacrificing the power is what you get from the Mahindra Quanto. The car has all luxury and safety features. You need to ensure that you choose the right fuel stations, and stay away from stations that give you polluted fuel. Also, go or maintenance as per the schedule. Keep the car clean and park in the shaded areas. Also use a weatherproof acceosory.

Satya   2015-08-04

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