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What is the seating capacity of the Mahindra Quanto ?

By: Pathak on 9 january 2015

7 Answers:

Mahindra Quanto is the compact seven seater multi utility vehicle from Mahindra. This Multi Utility vehicle is designed to fulfill the demand of high ground clearance vehicles but people afraid to invest on multi utility vehicles as they all ends up being high on fuel consumption, so to overcome this problem Mahindra Quanto is launched. Quanto basically was a car with high ground clearance and low fuel consumption. Mahindra Quanto is a typical seven seater car in which the last row is not all designed for adults while central and front seat provides decent leg room and head room to all five passengers. If you consider the above characteristics of Mahindra Quanto good enough you will conclude that Mahindra Quanto is the perfect car to use for daily use. But it lags behind with high class electronic features as you will find decent plastic quality for the interior, but electronic components on them are not competent enough.
Sonal Gupta   2015-01-09

When it comes to SUV then Mahindra is the one of the famous SUV manufactured in India. Engineers from Mahindra launched Mahindra Quanto for those who want to fit their SUV in crowded places or we can say that Mahindra Quanto is the compact SUV. Mahindra Quanto can carry seven people including driver on its full efficiency, where 2 seats in front row for driver and side passenger, 3 seats in cent for adults and 2 seats in the rear row for kids only.

Kartikaye   2015-02-07

Mahindra Quanto comes with the seating capacity of 7 persons. The comfort you get by sitting in front row seats is remarkable. Front seats are easily adjustable, you can tilt the headrest or recline the seat as per your own comfort. Also, in newly designed Quanto Mahindra redesigned the 2nd row seats and introduced yoga seats with better cushioning, arm rest, head rest and reclining facility. Similarly, third row seats can be folded completely to create extra boot space for luggage. 

Tiram   2015-03-06

Mahindra Quanto is a MUV with a great design and awesome features. Multi utility vehicles are known for their high capacity seating and superb mileage. The vehicle is having a good boot space and seating capacity. The vehicle is having a seating capacity of 7 peoples with ease. The boot space is mostly covered by the third row of seats which are having folding feature. The seats can be folded to get extra space inside the car.

Mridul   2015-07-15

I am agreeing with the above statement, in order to generate more seating space. The Quanto is having a good seating capacity of seven peoples whereas it is having shortage of luggage space as specified in the above statement. It is a pioneer Multi utility vehicle available in this segment, and it has a mileage delivering engine as well with the great design and features. I am driving this car from last 2 years and I am more than happy with it.

Adhivan   2015-07-17

The Mahindra Quanto has the normal seating capacity as any other SUV car. That is 5 people including the driver himself. The car is quite spacious but feels cheap. If you want to go for a stylish version choose Xylo which has much more space in its cabin and hence big.

katiya malik   2015-07-30

Mahindra Quanto has a normal seating capacity of 5 people including the driver. However it contains a massive boot space to carry lot of luggage at a time. The car is a total functional version but I hate it because of its cheap feel and bad driving experiences all around town.

harry singh   2015-07-31

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