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What are the interior and exterior features ?

By: Mangal on 4 april 2015

9 Answers:

Hello Mangal !!

Some of the exterior features of Scorpio S4 are LED Tail lamps and all other standard fittings. Interiros features include hydraulic power steering, heated and ventillated AC and so on. 


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal   2015-05-15

The new facelift variant of Mahindra Scorpio is very different looking than its predecessor. The radiator grille is redesigned with a lot of chrome in it. The headlight cluster gets wider and is fitted with powerful halogen based projector lamps. The front bumper too has been reshaped with a bigger air dam and air ducts.Just like its exterior, its interior has also undergone major changes. The seats are wider and more comfortable to sit on. The new dashboard is made up with a dual tone color scheme. In addition to this, this SUV is blessed with an all-new instrument cluster featuring contemporary dials and a digital information screen.

Niketa   2015-05-22

The new look Mahindra Scorpio still maintains its masculine look in the 2015 facelift. The engine grille is wider and is decorated with vertical chrome grille; the bonnet has an air cool scoop to quickly cool the engine. The redesigned headlamp cluster improves the looks of this SUV. The interior of this vehicle has also undergone major changes. From the faux wooden inserts, it now has gleaming chrome inserts. Its center fascia is slightly pronounced, which is equipped with rectangular air vents, infotainment system and several control switches. In addition to this, this SUV is blessed with an all-new instrument cluster featuring contemporary dials and a digital information screen.

Prem   2015-05-25

As my friend quoted in his review the scorpio is very well equipped with interior and exterior features. Some of the exterior features are - Dual projector headlamps,LED eyebrows,New grille,Bonnet scoop,LED taillamps,‘Road Armour’ bumpers,17-inch alloy wheels. And coming to the interiors we found fully equipped interiors with 6-inch touchscreen infotainment system with in-built GPS Navigation and support for Bluetooth, Automatic climate control, New instrument console with ‘3D Effect’, Sporty steering wheel, Blue-Gray interiors, new dual-tone dashboard, Chrome-finished AC vents etc.

Niketan   2015-05-26

The Scorpio is one of the popular SUVs in India, which is one of the most popular and appreciated cars of India. the car has good efficiency and performs well. There are lots of features available with the car. The car has exterior features like LED tail lamps, and fittings which are present in all the other rivals too. the hydraulic power steering, and the ventilated AC are the features present in the interiors.

sajid   2015-06-26

The new Scorpio from Mahindra, which is a facelift, has undergone lots of changes from its predecessors. There are lots of features redesigned, and the front grille is one of them. The cluster of the head light is wide, and there are powerful halogen based projector lamps. The bumper in the front has bigger air dam and ducts. The car is wide and comfortable to drive and travel.

Sushan   2015-07-02

Mahindra Scorpio looks great with the new facelift. The new car’s engine grille has become wider, and the vertical chrome grille is decorated adding to the décor. The bonnet has the air cool scoop which ensures faster cooling of the engine. The interiors too have got too many changes. The central fascia of the car is also pronounced and the infotainment system is also great. other features include the contemporary dials, and the digital information screen.

Abhichandra   2015-07-11

The Mahindra Scorpio has lots of exterior and interior features, and they are far better than what the predecessors had. The dual projector headlamps, LED eyebrows, new grille, LED tail lamps, road armour bumpers, 17 inch alloy wheels, and the bonnet scoop. The interior features include the 6 inch infotainment system which has the GPS navigation system. automatic climate control and sporty steering wheel too are great additions.

Jafar   2015-08-06

Mahindra Scorpio is a car that is designed to fit the needs of people. It costs a little more than other Indian vehicles in average but most reviews suggest that it is worth the cost. It is filled with features. With a fine compilation of classy features and technologies, this car is great in performance. It has a lot of chrome in the radiator grille. The LED lights have a trailing effect which is great to look at in the dark. Faux wooden inserts and gleaming chrome inserts make this car even better looking. The digitized screen displays almost every information needed. The introduction of the bonnet scoop has made quite an impact too.

Kanak   2015-08-12

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