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How do I use Mahindra Scorpio's projector lamps?

By: shiv on 19 october 2015

6 Answers:

The projector headlamps work in the same way as regular headlamps. You would not be able to project the light in a particular direction but they illuminate it better than normal headlamps.

Suraj   2015-10-19

The projector lamps on this car are an inbuilt feature. When you turn the steering near a wall with the headlights on you will see the light travelling in the way of the steering and hence it is. The easy approach of using this car is only the factor I.

Sujata Agarwal   2015-10-23

Lol I cannot believe you asked such a stupid question. The car projector head lamps is not a thing you can turn on or off. It is a feature that is totally automatic and happens as you turn the steering. There is no way you can disable the feature ever.

Dheraj   2015-10-24

I think you are new to the automotive world and don’t know much about the recent developments. This feature is an automatic one and it can be accessed by changing the steering position itself. The only way you cannot enjoy this awesome feature is buying a version which does not provide it.

Lokesh Solanki   2015-10-26

IT IS AUTOMATIC. You cannot disable the feature or enable it buddy. The headlights turn their own way when you turn the steering. That’s how it works. This feature is very useful when you are taking a blind turn on a dark night with no street lights on any where.

Jarvesh singh   2015-10-28

This feature is always on in the car. The steering when is turned by you in the car you will find that the head lights throw light in a different direction than the straight one. This enables you to take blind turns and hence ensures yours and the car’s safety.

Hans Kamal   2015-10-29

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