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The air-conditioner of my Mahindra Scorpio isn’t working properly. There is no air flow from the AC vents but the driver and co-passenger can feel cool air on their legs. What can be the problem and what is the possible solution for the same?

By: Vishwas Deshpande on 22 july 2016

1 Answers:

There has never been a complaint with the functioning of the Air conditioning system of the Mahindra Scorpio in general. However, in your case I would recommend you to first check your knob position which controls the flow of air in your car and see if the position has been set for the legs only. If yes, then simply change the knob position back to where it shows a sign of the face of the driver. If even now there is no air coming out from the front ducts then there is some problem with the lever present in the ducting system or maybe something is blocking it as cool air is already coming in your vehicle meaning that your AC unit has no problems as such. Hence only the ducting part needs to be checked and that can be done by any authorized service station. 

Rajiv   2016-07-22

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