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My Mahindra Scorpio is emitting black smog and the engine is not picking up speed. What to do?

By: Ayush raparia on 2018-21-11

1 Answers:

If your Mahindra Scorpio car is emitting black smoke out of the exhaust, then it is an obvious sign of a faulty engine. Few of the reasons can be that excessive fuel is getting burnt, with minimal air intake through the air-intake filter, leading to soot being blown out of the exhaust. This problem might happen because of air filter getting clogged from dirt and you're trying to accelerate it. This also leads to a pickup loss or engine stalling. Some other cause of black smoke emission in older vehicles is due to poor ignition timing or the electronic choke getting stuck as a petrol car usually runs rich for few minutes prior till the engine gets heated.

Shubham Sharma    2018-21-11

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