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Which one to choose between used Gypsy and Thar?

By: Jagdev on 14 august 2014

6 Answers:

Basically Gypsy is a petrol version MUV and Thar is diesel version off roader. There is huge difference in performance of both. No doubt Gypsy is a well proven performance off roader from Maruti Suzuki and has huge presence in the Indian Market. However it has lost its charm as a new vehicle and that is clearly indicated in sales statistics. Thar is new generation Off roader. Tough build quality, sturdy drive quality in all road conditions and more over it has diesel version engine and that makes the real difference. Also Thar is available in two versions that of DI and CRDe engines. If you are looking for economical one with high reliability then you can choose DI version. If preference is for updated technilogy with advanced features then you can opt for CRDe version. 

Sonal Gupta    2014-08-14

Mahindra Thar would be a better option than buying an old Maruti Suzuki Gypsy. Maruti Gypsy is powered by the petrol engine which delivers good performance, its age’s old design and body structure doesn’t make it a good option to go for. Mahindra Thar is built specially for off roading, and it is powered by the new generation CRDE diesel engine.

Kartika   2014-09-03

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy and Mahindra Thar are two completely different cars of two different companies. It is very obvious that the car with more technical advancements and innovative designing will be a better choice and also the newer model will give more value to your money. If the buyer is biased towards either of the companies one might choose accordingly but if the features matter more, then Mahindra Thar would be a better option because of its sturdiness and off road service, its mileage and exterior designing, fitness and uniquely made brakes are more appealing and safe for your drive.

Raju   2015-03-12

Now a day a new generation of open head jeeps came in to the existence. This is being a symbol of some political families’ kids. It shows their muscle with the Mahindra thar. Additionally thar would be a great option for the animal safari kind of activities, whereas the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy is a good vehicle indeed and have a very good off road capability but losing the edge.

Anashay   2015-06-10

I am agree with what has been said in the above statement, The Maruti Suzuki gypsy is mow losing the ground now a days and the same is being seen in case of dropping sales figures of the Maruti Gypsy. The Mahindra thar is a choice of new generations if you love riding over the roads with your friends then Thar would be a great option.

Vaibhav   2015-06-12

I have the same thought now a day but I am a die heart fan of gypsy since I have been employed with the Delhi police services. The Gypsy has been given to me and I was like what a compact and easy vehicle to ride. We were able to save a lot of fuel with the gypsy, even you are on a plain or terrain there is no issues at all. The Mahindra thar is a good MUV from Mahindra being available in two engines, a DI engine and a CRDE engine and gives a good look as well as utility. But I am a gypsy fan so no to Thar.

Lucky   2015-06-15

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