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How is the build quality of Mahindra Thar?

By: Shubham on 11 june 2015

14 Answers:

Hello Shubham!!

The Mahindra Thar is a mid size sport utility vehicle (SUV) manufactured by Indian automaker Mahindra & Mahindra. It comes with a 7 seater option, but it can be converted into a 2 seater also by folding the rear seats. Thar is very rugged all weather vehicle. But it lacks basic comfort and convenience in comparison with modern cars. Everything used in manufacturing of Mahindra Thar seems to be of cheapest quality to save on cost. But it has India's first BS IV CRDe engine. Most powerful engine in its class.

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Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-11

This off the road vehicle from the stable of Mahindra is made primarily to fulfill the needs of people living in hilly or rural area, where there is a shortage of paved roads. The company in trying to keep the price down has used the cheapest product to furnish it. The body cabin though is made up of good quality steel that can easily withstand the punishment of driving cross-country.

Surjeet   2015-06-20

Mahindra Thar is regarded to be the best innovation of cars in terms of looks. This issues sports utility car falling under the SUV category. The built quality is not bad as compared to the look. The sports utility cars are not the ones with the best on road as well as off road facilities but they are not that comfortable. The best part of the car is tits looks.

Shaib   2015-06-22

The car has a good built when compared to the others in the market but needs to improve a lot. The built is really an innovative one but needs to brush up eventually. Though this car has set a new record in the market by launching an SUV of this sort but have to make lots of changes. You can easily go for this cab but keeping certain cons in mind.

Achyut   2015-06-30

The best part of this car is the car has a gigantic exterior. The built of the car gets the fullest but interior needs to be more polished as far the market is concerned. The car has also got issues with the suspension. Over all this car is good one in terms of exterior but the interior part and the technicalities needs a bit of makeover, especially on the suspension and the on road qualities.

Sidharth   2015-07-03

If you are worried about the built of the car then let me tell you that the built is not that bad but need a bit touch up. The interior is indeed a disappointing part with the Mahindra Thar. The SUV car also has a lot of technical issues and the fuel consumption is also not up to the mark. The builders also need to concentrate on the safety features.

Hari   2015-07-11

The Mahindra Thar is a good performing sporty looking stylish performing car. It has a 7 seater option which can also be converted into a 2 seater also by folding the rear seats. Thar is suited for rough drives on rough roads. The engine is powerful and suited for daily use. Seating and interior is a concern and interiors are not of high quality and lacks in that area too.

Ishwar   2015-07-16

The Mahindra Thar is a sporty looking rough handle jeep. Mahindra has designed it to give optimum output on uneven rough roads either be it steep slopes or sandy roads or hilly areas. This is suited for such regions where normal vehicles are tough to drive. Since the intention is to give tough drive in such areas expecting comfort and well equipped interiors is difficult to fulfill. So one should not expect these from the Thar.

Harpreet   2015-07-18

The Mahindra Thar is a tough jeep from Mahindra with 2.6-litre 63bhp 16V MDI 3200TC L Diesel Engine. The tough engine suited to give good pick up in hilly and uneven roads gives a maximum power of 63bhp and torque of 182.5Nm at 1500-1800rpm. It can be make a 2 seater or a 7 seater with foldable seat with basic seating quality. It has 46 liters of fuel capacity on roads.

Faizal   2015-07-20

The Mahindra Thar is suited for rough roads and has an engine quality to serve the purpose. It has a manual transmission type and comes in 4X4 and 4X2 versions. It gives a decent mileage of 15 to 18 KMPL with an Engine Displacement of 2523 cc. With not much interior features it gives Low Fuel Warning Light. The front and rear suspension is a Leaf Spring with Shock Absorbers.

vivek   2015-07-21

The 7 seat mid size SUV from Mahindra is Thar. This vehicle is completely rugged and can be converted into a 2 seater too, and this can be done by folding the rear seats. But when compared with the new cars, there is less convenience and comfort. The car has the BS IV CRDe engine, which is the first to have one in India. The engine is also powerful.

Usha   2015-07-23

For the people who live in the hilly or mountain regions, the requirements from a vehicle cannot be same as the ones who live in the normal lands. The Mahindra Thar is designed to fulfill the needs of such people basically. The built quality is good, and this is a rugged vehicle that can withstand all climatic conditions. The body cabin is made of good quality steel. This is not comfortable which has to be noted.

Aatmaj   2015-07-30

The Thar from Mahindra has a gigantic exterior, and the interior is not up to the mark. It has to be improved a lot. The suspension too has to be improved. The technicalities too must be improved. The car has a great build quality, and is rugged. The fuel efficiency is good, but still would have to be improved. The users also feel that the safety features must be concentrated on by the manufacturers.

Niketan   2015-08-08

The Mahindra Thar is a medium sized SUV that is manufactures by Mahindra. It is a seven seater and it can also be converted into a two seater. This is a rugged vehicle that is sturdy enough to bear enormous beating. It was initially made for the use of people living in hilly areas, but later on it has also been used by men in the plains. The car has disc brakes in front and drum brakes behind in the wheels. It has incredible off-road capacity. The car is overall a fit and sturdy vehicle that is preferred by many.

Asitya   2015-08-15

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