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The plastic near the gear lever heats up in my Mahindra Thar. The heat is so much that it reaches my left foot. What can be the problem?

By: Vishwanath rana on 28 june 2016

1 Answers:

There are a number of reasons as to why the gearbox overheats in a car. It can be because the lubricant used in the car is not of the recommended grade or maybe because the load conditions on the gearbox are reaching extremes. For the best solution, you should take the car to a well-known expert mechanic who will perform an oil analysis of the lubricant which will tell you whether there is a contamination or debris in the oil that is causing this problem or whether there is some other issue. You shouldn’t delay getting this check-up because it can lead to other major issues as well if it is not controlled within time. 

Ashwin   2016-06-28

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