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I live in Qatar and I want to buy Mahindra Thar to use it during my vacation in India, I want to ask if I left it unused after my vacation, will it develop some mechanical issues?

By: Rejo on 2017-22-06

1 Answers:

Yes, as many things starts happening when a car is kept park for long period of time like: Degradation of rubber components (belts, hoses, seals etc.). Seals and gaskets dry out as when the fluids stop circulating the volatile compounds evaporate from the gaskets causing them to become brittle. Regular use of the car helps reduce trapped water vapor and condensation but when the car is parked for long condensation forms and promotes corrosion. Fuel also starts degrading after a couple of months. Also affects tyres - parking for long will develop a flat spot and that will cause vibrations at speed etc.

manoj    2017-22-06

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