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How's the AC performance of the TUV 300?

By: amit patel on 5 december 2015

6 Answers:

What I feel is adequate and sufficiently good may be absolutely abysmal for you. Although I feel its okay you should perhaps experience this for yourself. You can take a comprehensive test drive of the car before booking it. 

Yashvi   2015-12-05

The A/C performance of this car is beyond average and I feel that this car can actually perform much better than I expect it to be perhaps there is some problem in my vent that I need to get checked but I am not very sure so I would prefer you check it.

Karuna Thakran   2015-12-09

The A/C feel of the car totally depends upon how you feel it. It is a personal experience and hence I suggest you to experience it first hand before buying the car and crying about it later. If it powerful for you buy it, if not do not buy it.

Mahesh Kumar   2015-12-10

The A/C of this car performs well beyond my expectations at least. Being a spacious cabin I felt that the A/C might not be very powerful on this thing so as to reach the back seat row well but to my surprise it just works fine and cools enough of the car.

Kartik Sharma   2015-12-11

A/C or no A/C I totally love this car for being so spacious. However if you are so keen upon knowing the build of the a/c I would suggest you go to the showroom and find out for yourself because we don’t know what kind of climate you live in or what do you want.

Somya   2015-12-12

The heater and the A/c of this car works just fine and I am glad to have purchased the car because of its overall comfort. Because of the comfort only I love this car so much that I feel like making it my permanent home. A/c however is fine and working.

Vikas Ahlawat   2015-12-14

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