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How is resale value of Verito Vibe?

By: Ranvijay on 2014-07-08

3 Answers:

Verito Vibe is new hatchback from Mahindra banner and is yet to get the good market share. However it has tremandous potential to be a very successful diesel hatchback It could be due to the well proven diesel engine it features and stylish outlook of it. Considering the success rate of Verito and very good resale value of Logan. The Verito Vibe can also be expected to fetch you very good resale value. Generally there would be depreciation of about 10 percent per year from the original onroad price. However in most of deals it depends largly on condition of vehicle, usage done, number of ownerships and many things than just consideration of depreciation the same.

Sonal Gupta     2014-07-08

The resale value of any vehicle depends on the body condition, reliability and kilometers runner but sometime name of the vehicle also plays important role in re sale value but, Mahindra Verito Vibe is not a famous hatchback in Indian market but reliability character of this car is good as it allows this car to stay in running condition for long and maintenance is low if we compare to rivals. Overall Mahindra Verito Vibe will get good resale value while it is quite difficult to get customers for this car.

Praneet    2014-20-12

Brand of the vehicle is an important factor to decide the resale value of any vehicle. Definitely, being a mahindra vegan and considering logan and Verito popularity, Mahindra Vibe will make a decent resale amount. Generally, 10-15 percent depreciation value is calculated every year from the original price but factors like years of ownership, no. of kilometres, exterior and interior condition, engine and handling decide the actual resale value. Also, timely service, oil changes and correct handling could increase the chances that the vehicle is sold at a good price.

ravinder    2014-25-12

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