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Why diesel motor is noisy then petrol motor for Mahindra Verito Vibe?

By: Sharad on 2015-17-06

5 Answers:

Hello Sharad !!

It is quite normal thing the diesel engines of the car are much more noisy than the petrol engines. This is mainly because there is difference in burning fuel to release energy for the car to run. The Petrol engines have spark plugs in the cylinders which initiate combustion. The case is different if we look at the diesel engine cars, the fuel is ignited by compression only, there are no spark plugs, and there is no use of them. This is why the diesel engines are more noisy and produce more vibration while starting and running the car. The diesel engines have more compression ratios (15:1 to 20:1) approx. While the compression ratio in the petrol engine is lower than it.

TeamAutoportal    2015-17-06

The answer is very simple; diesel engines are burning the fuel differently than the petrol engine. Petrol engines are having spark plug option to start fuel combustion whereas in case of Diesel engine are having fuel combustion being handled by the compressor and there is no spark plug option here. Petrol is a highly inflammable fuel than diesel but diesel is not that much inflammable.

Yash    2015-03-08

I am agreeing with the above answer. The diesel engines are known for their noise than the petrol engines. As said in above answer it is due to the fuel combustion technology. Engines get power from the fuel combustions regardless of kind of engine it have. In some fuel options like petrol and CNG the fuel has been starting getting burned by electric spark plug but at the same time diesel engines are having no spark plug functionality. So diesel engines are noisy than the petrol engines.

Dhruv    2015-06-08

I am also agreeing with the answer, Diesel engines are slow fuel and having less power than the petrol. When a vehicle is on the petrol then the combustion is easy and generating more power from less efforts byt at the same time diesel engines are less combustive than the petrol so they take more time and power to burn the fuel so it generates less power as well as a lot of smoke in order to burn the fuel.

Nishant    2015-08-08

Yes correct, Diesel engines are usually producing more noise than the petrol engine due to the fuel combustion incident, which actually is the time when the valve of the exhaust gets opened. As a result of that the pressure inside the cylinder chamber becomes more in the diesel engine than the petrol engines; this is the reason why diesel engines produce more sound than the petrol engines and hence the theory of higher sound in case of diesel engines becomes viable.

Mannu    2015-10-08

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