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Why my Mahindra Verito Vibe takes long time to start?

By: Yash on 2015-11-06

9 Answers:

Hello Yash !!

The starting problem in your Mahindra Verito Vibe may be due to many reasons. It may be the problem of the fuel pressure or there may be fault in your valves in the fuel pump. Or it could be because of leaking injector, or leaking fuel pressure regulator. It could be also the fault of the spark plugs, old spark plugs may not provide reliable spark at start up to let the engine catch and run. My advice is that you should take your car to your nearest Mahindra service centre, and get your car checked, because it may start giving you more problems in the winter season.

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Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal    2015-11-06

Many cars face this common problem as the go older. There are many reason behind this type of problem and only a thorough examination by an experts at the authorized service centre can pin point the problem to solve it. The major reason behind this issue could be problem in the engine valves, fuel pressure, spark plugs and few others. Only an expert mechanic can tell you, which of these problems is affecting your car.

Ravi    2015-20-06

The fault of the starting of the car is not for the fault of the engine. You must check the fuel supply of the car. There can be fault in the valves of the fuel pipe and might be for that the car is showing delay in starting. This is not a problem of the car or the engine at all and you must consult with the mechanic or can take it to the service center.

Junaid    2015-23-06

The fuel supply problem is not the problem of engine and your problem might be based on that. However you must check the leakage in the valve of the fuel supply. Sometimes, driving the car at high speed causes such type of problem. So check those for details and I think that the problem will be resolved at earliest, if you call a mechanic on that issue or simply take the car to the service center.

Chavi    2015-27-06

The engine of the car is perfect and it has never reported to such problem. There must be some fault in the valve of the fuel supply or in the fuel issues of the car too. You must check the car’s engine and if necessary call the mechanic or take the car to the service center. The car is having a perfect support center and you can get the best support from there in this regard.

Sanhcit    2015-01-07

Mahindra Verito Vibe can have starting problems because of various reasons. The fuel pressure is one of them. The valves in the fuel pumps might have gone wrong, and this can be because of the leaking injector, and the leaking fuel pressure regulator. The old spark plugs too can be a reason. When the spark plug is changed the problem can be solved. This can be a trouble in the winter seasons.

Angada    2015-05-07

When the cars go old, the starting troubles are common. This is a problem behind which there can be several reasons. The engine valves, the fuel pressure, spark plugs are the common reasons. Users generally feel this problem in the winters, and at the winter mornings, while the car would have been idle for hours in the night. There are lots of problems like which can affect the car, and these can be because of lack of maintenance.

Nathan    2015-15-07

When a car fails to start, many think that the engine is at the fault. On the other hand, this need not be the reason at all. The car may deny to get started because of various reasons, and when you face the trouble with the Mahindra Verito Vibe, you need to check the fuel supply of the car first. Then you need to go ahead checking with the spark plugs.

Sambha    2015-18-07

Proper maintenance can save lot of hassles when you own a car. When you start a car at the morning after a cold or rainy night, it might stop working, but this is not because of the engine issue. You need to understand even spark plugs that have gone old, or the fuel valves that are not working can cause this trouble. Check for these, and get them corrected.

Omesh    2015-30-07

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