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How to maintain Verito for long term usage?

By: Jyoti Deswal on 2014-03-10

4 Answers:

Verito has very well performance background with high relaibility and fuel effeciency too. In diesel version a mileage of about 18 to 20kmpl on average is always reliable. To further improve the performance and overall utility of the vehicle, you can use premium petrol or diesel and use best quality of engine oil. A regular maintenance as per schedule is always recommended for getting best life of the vehicle. Checking tyre pressure, getting the wheel alignment and balancing checked at regular intervals would help to get better life of tyres. Getting the interios cleaned with best quality of service offered by centers like 3M services would help to maintian the interiors at best condition. Some of the tips like parking the vehicle under shade, getting a thorough service done after comming back from a long drive would help get rid of dust particles leading to rust formations in long term. 

Sonal Gupta    2014-03-10

There are no hard and fast rule for getting the best of best maintenance except following the maintenance chart as mentioned in the user manual of the car. so if you are in the fear that if you buy Mahindra Verito and ends up to high cost of ownership then you should probably put this thing out of your mind because this car is promised to have low maintenance and reasonable which is perfect to attract Indian buyers.

Pragya    2014-19-11

There are no hard and fast rules as how best to look after your car so that you can use it for years to come without any problem. All the buyers must adhere to the tips given in the maintenance chart that comes with this vehicle to keep it in optimum condition, which will allow you to enjoy riding it for many years without the need for major repairs. Moreover, good maintenance also improves the life of the vehicle and if you want to sell it after a couple of years, then a well maintained car will give you a better bargain then a car which is poorly maintained.

Siddharth    2014-18-12

Although the above writer has commented that there are no hard and fast rules to keep your vehicle in prime condition, I disagree with him. We should use common sense to keep our vehicle in good condition. These include keeping the vehicle away from rain and sun to improve its paint life. We should only use premium petrol or diesel, along with high quality engine oil to keep the engine running smoothly. The tyre pressure should be checked regularly to avoid extra pressure on the engine and regular servicing will keep your vehicle in tiptop condition.

Shantanu    2014-20-12

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