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Which car should I buy between Toyota Altis and Mahindra XUV?

By: Puneet Bhatnagar on 28 june 2015

6 Answers:

Hello Puneet Bhatnagar !!

We are providing the key differences between both of your desired cars to help you to choose on your own as per your need and priority:

Length × Width × Height (mm) : 4620 × 1775 × 1475
Seating Capacity (Person) : 5
Displacement (cc) : Available in 1798cc & 1364cc
Fuel Type : Available in both Petrol & Diesel
Type : Available in both Manual & Automatic (CVT)
No of gears (Gears) : 7
Seat Upholstery : Fabric
Variants : Available in 9 variants
Price : Ex-showroom (New Delhi) price starts at 13.05 lakhs.
ARAI Mileage : Petrol Version 15 kmpl, Diesel Version 20 kmpl.

Length × Width × Height (mm) : 4585 × 1890 × 1785
Seating Capacity (Person) : 7
Displacement (cc) : available in 2179cc
Fuel Type : Available in Diesel only
Transmission Type : Manual only
No of gears (Gears) : 6
Seat Upholstery : Leather
Variants : Available in 6 variants
Price : Ex-showroom (New Delhi) price starts at 11.20 lakhs
ARAI Mileage : 16 kmpl.

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Team Autoportal


Team Autoportal   2015-07-08

Toyota Altis is a giant car, but the space inside is much more in the Mahindra XUV than the altis. Thus if you are looking for the perfect spacious car, XUV is much better than that of Altis. You can get both the cars at the same rat, thus there is no option than to choose the Mahindra one, if you compare the cars. I will rate the car of XUV 4 out of five, and Altis 3 out of five.

Bunty   2015-07-09

If you are looking for a better control on the car, the best one will be the Altis among the two. It is having 7 gears instead of the six gears of XUV. Thus you will get a better control on the car and thus it will be a perfect decision to get an Altis, if you are looking for a high speed, among the two. Price of them is almost same.

Adeen   2015-07-11

Mileage of the Toyota car is much better than that of Mahindra on an average. Where the mileage of the XUV is 16 MPL, the mileage of the Altis is near about 20 MPL. Thus if you are looking to get on long driven, the best one will be the altis. However, the best car to be driven on the city roads is Mahindra, since it is having a better performance on the city roads.

hunny   2015-07-13

Toyota and Mahindra, both are perfect and they are renowned companies too. If you are looking for a better variant, Toyota is having that option. There are 9 variants in Altis, whereas there are only six variants in XUV. However the variant among the fuel choice is also there in Toyota. Toyota ALTIS is having the model in both petrol and diesel, unlike the XUV, which is only available in diesel.

Sugriv   2015-07-16

The displacement of the Mahindra model is almost double than that of the Altis. Thus if you are a fan of the performance of the car, the best alternative among the two will be the Mahindra XUV500. The car is having an excellent performance record and it is having the best after sales service too. Thus it will be a better decision if you consider the XUV500 among the two.

Chetan   2015-07-19

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