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How good are the seats of Mahindra XYLO?

By: Ritesh on 5 december 2014

7 Answers:

Mahindra XYLO is the well-known sports utility vehicle with rear wheel drive train. The cabin of Mahindra XYLO is quite spacious as compared to other competitors and the interior detailing and features are giving tough completion to other manufactures who are also creating sports utility vehicle. The interior of Mahindra XYLO includes well designed entertainment system, with decent climate controller and the well selected upholstery which looks and feels good. The engineers from Mahindra wants Indian buyers to attract towards their new product, Mahindra XYLO so they did a smart move my adding comfortable leather seats which were well designed and give efficient back support to passenger and according to my fact and figures there are only few manufactures who gives this much comfortable seats. According to me Mahindra XYLO is a decent sports utility vehicle to own and drive and no doubt seats helps suspension system to absorb the shocks and these above mentioned things are enough to quote it as the comfortable car to drive.

Sonal Gupta   2014-12-05

Mahindra Xylo is one of the famous 8 passenger seating capacity car. When it comes to comfort ability factor of Mahindra Xylo then front passengers have adjustable seats option while mid row and rear row passenger have rigid seats options only. The seats of Mahindra Xylo are also very well designed with perfect depth and head support for all passengers, while to maintain Mahindra Xylo in budget the engineers have to compromise in terms of cabin space while central passenger have to struggle lot with central transmission line to fits his foots.Overall Mahindra Xylo seats are comfortable to sit as seats are blessed with best in class leather upholstery which feels and looks good.

Krishna   2014-12-23

Mahindra Xylo is a popular utility vehicle that comfortably manages 7-9 people sitting at a time. The new Xylo is gifted with adjustable front seats, height adjustable driver seats that improves driving comfort. Entry-level variants comes with rigid rear bench seats but the higher variants has captain seat configuration centre row. Along with comfy headrest, first and second row got a set of flip down hand rests required for easy going. Mahindra has included upgraded seat fabric that is soft than before and H9 version also gets leather interiors.

Devyank   2015-01-02

The all new Mahindra Xylo has been marketed as the face of the company replacing cars of the stature of Bolero and Scorpio. So obviously this car is top notch in its price range of about 7-11 lakhs ex-showroom. Interior of this car is a beauty to get mesmerized with. The seats are designed for that extra comfort to relieve the stress from tedious journeys. It comes in all leather finish with soft inner and outer foaming giving the soothing effect. The seat colours match that of the dashboard giving the sporty and elegant look. This car guarantees owner satisfaction.

Devakar   2015-05-15

The Mahindra Xylo is a go anywhere car but the best part is you won’t feel a thing in the wrong kind of terrain. The seats are very comfortable. It is very spacious and the seats of this car are comfortable enough for you to fall asleep on a long drive to your favourite place in india.

Divan Puri   2015-05-26

The seats of the Mahindra Xylo are not just enough up to the mark. I love this car because of the performance and driver comfort but the seats could have been much better as they always feel cheap and unworthy of the title of such a big price tag after all.

Satinder Singh   2015-05-28

I feel that Mahindra has done an exceptional job in ensuring the passenger comfort in this car. It is just very well beyond the normal car. This car is meant to go anywhere and lovely to drive. You can drive in the most up and down region and not feel a thing.

Dev Saluja   2015-05-29

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