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How is the suspension system of Mahindra Xylo?

By: Shailender on 13 may 2015

7 Answers:

After some years of purchase, the Mahindra Xylo suspension problem start coming up. While driving the some of the common problems with Mahindra Xylo suspension include worn out shock absorbers. In ideal condition, when Mahindra Xylo is pressed from a corner, the car would bounce only a couple of times. The suspension appears lowing height at certain times. This means that the suspension springs are supposed to be replaced. There are various reasons causing the Mahindra Xylo suspension noise. Some of them are worn out joints and worn suspension bushings.

Mukesh   2015-05-13

Mahindra Xylo comes with an efficient suspension system that allows it to travel over bumpy unpaved roads with ease. Its front axle is integrated with double wishbone type with independent front suspension and its rear axle is decked with a multi link coil spring. I would have been better, if the company would have provided it with the more advanced McPherson suspension to give it a more capable suspension system, but the present ne fund in Xylo is also very effective.


Utkal   2015-06-08

Handling this car is very easy and it is equally comfortable to ride in thanks to the presence of a good quality suspension system in this car. The suspension system consists of a double wishbone type with independent front suspension integrated to its front axle and a multilink coil spring attached to its rear axle. Power steering is offered to all the variants of this car, which is also blessed with a tilt adjustable steering wheel. This helps further in easier handling. It has a minimum turning radius of around 5.5 meters.

Chandan   2015-06-08

The users of Mahindra Xylo after a few years encounter the problem of the suspension noise. This is mainly because the SUV is driven at higher speeds, and the parts tend to wear out faster. In such cases, the owners can prevent this by taking the car for maintenance often. The suspension springs and the shock absorbers can be changed, and one can bid adieu to the suspension issues.

Pragya   2015-06-19

The car has an efficient suspension system, and this lets the car to travel in the bumpy roads, and even on the unpaved roads, the car can go at higher speeds. The car has McPherson strut wheels in the front, and this helps in stopping the car at higher speeds too. so, the passengers never find any problem of jerks inside the car. The suspension system of Xylo is very effective.

Adarsh   2015-06-22

The car can be handled very easily, and the engine response is good. The suspension system of the car is divided itno 2. The front and the back suspension system. the car has 2 independent suspension systems, and a multilink coil is attached to the same. The car has power steering at different variant levels, and it can turn around the minimum radius of 5.5 meters.

Shardha   2015-06-24

Mahindra Xylo is one of most luxurious cars available in Indian market right now. In the matter of the suspension system of the car, only few cars can compete with it. The driving experience of the car is quite pleasing with the Xylo’s build and engineering focusing on providing maximum comfort to both the driver and the passengers. Features are excellent and it also excels in the scenario suspension system. Experience of driving cars in India is horrible because of bumpy roads and lots of cracks. The suspension of Mahindra Xylo is fully equipped to take the challenge thrown by Indian roads.

Shashank   2015-08-07

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