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Is mahindra Xylo spacious then Mahindra XUV 500?

By: Niketan on 10 june 2015

6 Answers:

Hello Niketan !!

Mahindra is most leading company in the Indian market which are famous for their gigantic and hulky car models. Two of them are Xylo and XUV500 both them have an enormous personality in automobile world. Now the question is that who is more spacious. Talking from bottom Xylo has great length of 4520mm ,width 1850mm , heights 1880mm and also has 9 seating capacity ,with a ground clearance of 186mm.Now XUV500 also has giant personality as its length 4585, width 1890,height 1785 and wheel base 2700 ,ground clearance of 200mm .By significant information it is clear that Xylo is more spacious than XUV 500 .


Team Autoportal


Team Autoportal   2015-06-10

The best way of judging whether Mahindra Xylo is spacious of Mahindra XUV 500 is to compare their spaces and internal dimensions. Thus, while the dimensions of XUV 500 are 4585 mm length x 1890 mm width x 1785 mm height, that of Mahindra Xylo are 4520 mm length x 1850 mm width x 1895 mm height. The wheelbase of XUV 500, which is 2700 mm, is slightly lesser than that of Xylo, which is 2760 mm. Again, while the ground clearance of XUV 500 is 200 mm, that of Xylo is 186 mm. Thus, making overall judgment of the external dimension and other factors it can be said that the spaciousness of XUV 500 is greater than that of Xylo. However, it should be simultaneously noted that there are two Mahindra Xylo that can accommodate seven and eight adults .

Nirvan   2015-06-25

Xylo is much more spacious than XUV 500. It is having a spacious arrangement and most importantly the rear space at the side and the bottom is much more than that of XUV. However the comparison is often drawn between them for the sitting arrangement. The sitting arrangement in XUV is clumsy and in comparison to that Xylo is much better. In width and in length the space is more in XUV, but considering the sitting arrangement, Xylo is much more spacious.

Kushagrah   2015-06-28

XUV seems to be more spacious, since the size of the car is more than that of Xylo, but the sitting arrangement of XUV is not perfect and in comparison to that the sitting arrangement in Xylo is perfect. There are nine seats in it and altogether that seems perfect for the travelers. The car is also having perfect arrangement for sitting and luggage management, which is quite outstanding comparatively.

Hardev   2015-06-30

Both the cars are having perfect space inside and that is the most important thing. The models are different and the price too. Thus they cannot be differentiated or compared as such, but still them Xylo is more spacious, if the sitting arrangement and the luggage storage area are considered. Bothe the models are best in the automobile market of India and both of them are preferred most by the users.

Somesh   2015-07-02

The car model Xylo is having the perfect sitting arrangement and you can say that it is more spacious. The length and width of the car is perfect. It is less than the XUV, but if the sitting arrangement can be considered, the space in it is much more than XUV, as XUV seems to be a bit clumsy with the nine seats. The sitting arrangement in the Xylo model is best among the two.

Chirag   2015-07-08

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