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What are the features available for easy handling of this car?

By: Kaanuda on 6 february 2015

10 Answers:

Rexton is loaded with plenty of features that makes it a easy to drive vehicle. With its dimensions it looks tough to drive in city with narrow roads and turnings. However in practive is very easy to drive the vehicle. Advanced steering system offers smooth controlling of vehicle direction of movements. Driver is provided with all comfort features and attentive features that makes it easy to drive this like a smart hatchback. Large and luxurious interiors gets you best of comfort and steering and suspensions gets you high stablily driving in all road conditions. A perfect SUV in its segment.

TeamAutoportal   2015-02-06

Mahindra SsangYong Rexton is the enter level premium SUV from Mahindra Automobile manufactures. All though this SUV looks though and muscular but still this car is very much easy to drive and steer because there are numbers of features installed which works all the time to make car in full control. The advanced assents of Mahindra SsangYong Rexton includes electronic steering motor for efficient turning, braking aslant for shorter braking distance, ABS system allows me not to skit while emergency braking, traction controller make sure that I stay on the road.

Mahendra   2015-02-25

According to me, looks matters and with this model of Mahindra SsangYong, my desire to get a beautiful car is just fulfilled. It offers excellent exterior looks that would surely attract many other buyers. It has a brilliant initial turbo lag. I think overall look and dimension of this car is far better than other cars of the same brand. It is one of the luxurious and spacious cars that I have ever experienced.

Shyam   2015-06-19

I also believe on looks as when we are spending that amount of money to buy a car then its natural, we will expect everything from the car. If it is not look good at the first glance then why would any buyer attract to buy that car? So for me car should also look great and I am happy with this Mahindra SsangYong car as it fulfils my hunger of a beautiful car.

Ahmed   2015-06-20

If I say, this Mahindra SsangYong car is a perfect blend of beauty and performance then I don’t think anyone would deny this fact. Yes, I agree with all the people who believe that it is a beautiful car that deliver excellent performance with great mileage. As I have experienced the effortless drive can speed you upto 160 km/hr with stability, good control over the steering to check the performance.

Pradeep   2015-06-22

The Mahindra Ssang yong Rexton is filled with a number of features that help in easy handling of this car. In spite of having large and bulky dimensions it is very easy to drive, the advanced steering system offers a smooth controlling of the car.
Also the interiors are very comfortable and classy, the driver is provided with all the equipments and the comfort-features which help him drive with ease.

Eraaj   2015-06-27

I agree this car has a lot in store for the driver to provide easy handling of the car. First of all the engine is powerful with efficient transmission system which ensures a smooth ride, the feature full steering wheel which helps in easy turning. The wide wheel base, high ground clearance and good suspension keep it stable even of rough roads. All in one this SUV offers a lot.

Kalpesh   2015-07-26

The Mahindra ssang yong rexton is packed with features. Apart from the powerful engine and efficient transmission as mentioned above it also has a torque on demand feature with low ratio which insures a stable drive according to demand of the driver. Also there are a lot of other features like multi headlights that help you see clearly even in pinch darkness increasing the safety while travelling at night hours.

Veer   2015-07-11

The Mahindra ssang yong rexton not only is efficient on normal city roads but is also capable of driving on up hills and mountain roads with the features like hill control etc. Steering is provided with Hydraulic power-steering which offers minimum efforts while steering or turning. It can very easily ride on up-hill roads so as to plan your outings on the hill-stations added with the spacious and comfortable interiors.

Bhadra   2015-07-14

The rexton is perfect combination of performance and looks, this fact is surely undeniable that it is a tough completion in this segment. Loaded with a number of features for easy drive and handling, the rexton takes a slight edge over others. It is stable even a high speed. The suspension works well preventing from bumps and dashes on rough road. Drive is very easy and smooth without any hassle.

Murti   2015-07-25

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