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What is the under body color of a Maruti Alto800 LXi? What will be the color that I will see when I open the bonnet of my car?

By: Rajesh on 2016-11-07

1 Answers:

The under body colour of Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 is dark greyish; rather one can say that it is close to black. The under body is sprayed with anti-rust paint so as to prevent corrosion. This also results to a dark shade of color.
When one opens the hood of the car then the colour visible on the sides is always the body colour which you have chosen and the engine colour will always be the same i.e dark grey and black. During manufacturing of cars first the body is prepared and final coating of paint is done on it. Later the engine is mounted on the body. Hence the colour inside the hood will always be the same as the body colour you have opted for.

Vabhav     2016-11-07

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